Scientist Busts Biz Sheet for Misrepresenting His Work

National Research Council of Canada scientist Dr. Kenneth Tapping has offered whithering criticism of Investor's Business Daily for reporting that Tapping is among those who deny that greenhouse gases are the principal cause of current global warming.

IBD had reported the lobbyist Dr. Tim Patterson's favourite theory that greenhouse gases are irrelevant and that a drop in sunspots is actually going to set off a round of global cooling, and it suggested that Tapping agrees with this position. To which Tapping responds:

“If there is a cooling due to the solar activity cycle laying off for a bit, then the a period of solar cooling could be a much-needed respite giving us more time to attack the problem of greenhouse gases, with the caveat that if we do not, things will be far worse when things turn on again after a few decades.”

Biofuels, once the 'silver bullet' of global warming, are causing more emissions than fossil fuels

Two comprehensive studies in Science magazine have concluded nearly all biofuels used today trigger more greenhouse emissions than conventional fuels if the emission costs of producing these so-called “green” fuels are calculated.

The studies take the first detailed look at the impact on emissions of converting natural land to cropland around the globe to support biofuels development – dashing hopes for the once-popular alternative energy source.

Great Oreskes Lecture Updates State of Climate Change Denial

University of California (San Diego) science historian Dr. Naomi Oreskes offers this extremely worthwhile one-hour lecture, giving both a solid primer on global warming and a very compelling account on how effectively industry has sown confusion in the hopes of preventing Americans from taking action to prevent it.

DeSmogBlog "Best Group Blog" in Canada

We're delighted to announce that the DeSmogBlog has been recognized as the Best Group Blog in the 2007 Canadian Blog Awards.

Thanks for the attention and thanks, especially, to those frequent readers whose interest and loyal support makes the DeSmogBlog worthwhile.

Kansas King Coal Funding Details Exposed

DeSmogBlog has just received the 2007 statement of political expenditures for a recently formed astroturf group calling themselves “Kansans for Affordable Energy” (KAE).

The document is attached to the end of this post.


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