Research update: 2008 International "Skeptic" Conference on Climate Change

We've added a briefing note in our database on Michael Fox, who is listed as a speaker at the upcoming the “2008 International Conference on Climate Change,” being organized by the ExxonMobil and Philip Morris-friendly Heartland Institute.

Here's an updated list of those speakers we have completed briefing notes on…

2008 International Conference on Climate Change

As we reported earlier today on DeSmogBlog, the Heartland Institute is organizing the “2008 International Conference on Climate Change,” for those few left who cling to the notion that somehow the international science community has gotten it wrong on the causes and realities of global warming.

Call them “skeptics,” “deniers,” or whatever you want, this conference is a last ditch attempt to draw media attention to a message that has long passed its expiry date.

Heck, even George W. Bush no longer denies the scientific realities of climate change.

Over the next week, DeSmogBlog will research the individuals listed as “confirmed speakers” for the conference and provide a succinct briefing note on each.

Bush fiddles with global warming in State of the Union finale

It’s tempting, but most certainly optimistic, to view President Bush’s 2008 State of the Union as his last gasp at blocking progress on global warming. He will, after all, be gone from office before the year is out and it’s tempting to think he hasn’t sufficient time to further damage efforts to reign in climate change.

But there’s no time to lose. And continued obstructionism by the Bush Administration doesn’t just highlight its continuing failure to grasp the urgency of the problem, it also ensures far greater difficulties for its successors, who will have to arrest the problem at home while pressing other major polluters like China and India to act.

Heartland Conference Celebrates Science for Sale

The Heartland Institute is rounding up the usual suspects for a conference that will alert international media to “the fact” that a shocking number of “scientists” can be induced with a little cash and a free trip to New York City to question the science of global warming.

Let's Stop Lying to Ourselves and Fund a Solution to Global Warming

By DeSmogBlog Co-Founder John Lefebvre

It is very important for all of us to make every effort to reduce our carbon footprint, whether by driving less, going hybrid, acquiring carbon neutral energy sources like photovoltaic or buying carbon credits.

But it must be said, and it is unfortunate that it must, none of these, nor all of them together, will solve the problem or even put a significant dent in it.

Go to China. Go to India. Go throughout the third world. Look and see. Our efforts in our personal spaces are at the most symbolic.

Sorry. But it's true.


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