Tue, 2006-10-17 14:18Ross Gelbspan
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Britain To Enact Climate Legislation -- With Fingers Crossed Behind Its Back

British legislators will draft national climate legislation – but with no specific targets or timetables.
Tue, 2006-10-17 13:20Kevin Grandia
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UK heatwave hottest in 350

UK's Met Office is reporting that UK's sweltering summer was not only entirely unpleasant, but was also historically significant. To quote: “There has not been a hotter summer since records began in 1659 when Oliver Cromwell's son Richard resigned as Lor Protector of England and France and Spain ended their 24-year war.”
Tue, 2006-10-17 12:29Richard Littlemore
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Google Guidance Extends to Climate Friendly Corporate Behavior

Associated Press reports that Google Inc. is converting its renowned headquarters to run partly on solar power, hoping to set an example for corporate America.
Tue, 2006-10-17 11:37Sarah Pullman
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Green Festival Report Out

Blogging from the airplane, flying back to Vancouver from Washington, DC, via Montreal. The weekend in DC for the Green Festival was a great trip, and certainly worthwhile for the DeSmogBlog. We even spent an evening with one of our favorite writers, the infamous Chris Mooney, who is in the thick of writing his new book about hurricanes.
Sun, 2006-10-15 15:50Richard Littlemore
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NRSP: "Scientists" Who Hate Science Journals

Here's an exchange from ClimateAudit.org, a den of denial, but one where interesting scientific arguments break out nevertheless. In this case, Dr. Tim Ball, chair of the new climate change denial group, Not Really Science People (NRSP), breaks away from the science to talk instead about how unfair it is that real climate scientists insist upon reviewing the work of other real climate scientists before allowing that work to be published in reputable journals.


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