Inaction on Global Warming Sees Canadian Tory Government Bleeding In Polls

A new Angus Reid poll out today shows that the Stephen Harper Tory government continues to slump in popularity, and much of the blame lands squarely on their continued bumbling over the issue of global warming.

The Tory government is limping along with a paltry 33 per cent of Canadians supporting their party compared with 36.3 per cent on election day and the party's high of 39 per cent in March of this year.

The environment remains the highest-ranked issue for voters.

Bali Blog Blather Malkin-Style

A quick spin around blog-land reveals where the real hot air on global warming is coming from.

Michelle “I want to be Bill O'Reilly” Malkin doesn't even write about the UN global warming conference in Bali, she just defers to Fox News.

In the same post Malkin mocks Yvo De Boer, the chair of the Bali conference, for caring enough about an issue to get emotional about it (god forbid!).

Al Gore's Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech

Very moving. The best speech I've seen by Mr. Gore. If you don't have 20 minutes, check the last 5 and the 2 minute standing ovation at the end.


China-U.S. rift casts long shadow after Bali

As dust settles from the recent UN climate-change conference in Indonesia, some observers are looking to China as the looming pivotal factor in the global-warming struggle.

The world’s most populous nation, now also neck-and-neck with the U.S. as its biggest greenhouse polluter, was the subject of a recent news article under the banner “As China goes, so goes global warming.”

The best the Bali delegates could achieve was two more years of talks on setting emission curbs, but with China building new coal-burning plants at the rate of one a week, in what states of peril will the planet be two years hence?

Bali: Canada - the Prodigal Country Backs Down

Like some barely reformed miscreant, who wins cheers for promising to give up his bad habits, Canada won a huge ovation in Bali on the weekend when it stopped blocking an international agreement on emission targets.


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