Fri, 2006-09-08 09:24Richard Littlemore
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Wegman Wiggles Out of Hockey Stick Accountability

Here's a great post on the hateful hockey stick. On one hand, I hesitate even to raise the subject because deniers have used the famous Mann hockey stick graph so effectively to distract attention from the scientific consensus on climate change. On the other hand, it now seems that one of the most recent and most-quoted hockey stick critics. Dr. Edward J. Wegman, is dodging his responsibility to back up his numbers.
Also, if you read down on the RealClimate post to comment #6, you'll find an interesting bit of criticism of the graphs that Wegman uses to make his critical argument. And if you click through to Wegman's voluminous report, and go to figure 4.1 on page 30, you'll find the graphs in question originated not from Wegman, but from McIntyre and McKitrick, the economist and the statistician who first criticized Mann's original work.
Thu, 2006-09-07 21:35Sarah Pullman
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Check Out the Climate Action Tour 2006

This just in! If you're in Vancouver and are interested in being part of creating solutions… then read on.


Join Canadians across the country in developing a “Made by Canadians” climate action plan!

You are invited to participate in an interactive workshop to put your energy and ideas into a vision for what we should do as a country to address climate change.
Thu, 2006-09-07 12:32Sarah Pullman
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Interview with John Stauber

We recently had the opportunity to do an audio interview with John Stauber, founder of the non-profit Center for Media & Democracy (the group behind both SourceWatch and PRWatch).

You may know him as the author of Toxic Sludge is Good for You: Lies, Damn Lies, and the Public Relations Industry. Stauber is a man with a huge depth and breadth of knowledge about the PR industry and its trickery – and not just as it relates to climate change. As this interview reveals, these same tricks have been used (and are being used) over and over again by the tobacco lobby, the arms lobby, and other equally questionable causes.

The interview runs about 20 minutes. Give it a listen and learn more than you ever wanted to about the people paid to confuse the public about these vitally important issues. It'll make you glad that the Center for Media and Democracy is out there doing their fine work!
Thu, 2006-09-07 11:04Richard Littlemore
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Blogging Tory flogs climate skeptic vid; tries to cover up

As Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservative government prepares to abrogate Canada's Kyoto commitment, it's a concern to see his political backers also  promoting a climate change disinformation campaign on the sly. It smacks of political dirty trickery - tawdry and vaguely dishonest.

The principal disinformation vehicle this time around is a video series created by the oil-and-gas apologists at Friends of Science. Climate Catastrophe Cancelled: what your'e not being told about the science of climate change (see here, here, here, here and here) is available on the FOS website and has popped up a couple of times on Whenever it does, we at the DeSmog have appended a comment, pointing out the degree to which FOS has been exposed as a pseudo-science astroturf group fronting for the Alberta energy industry.
Thu, 2006-09-07 09:01Richard Littlemore
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Melbourne Age: Damned When Praise is Faint

IPA's Alan MoranAs if in punishment for an idle compliment that I posted only yesterday, the usually reputable Australian daily, the Melbourne Age, embarrasses itself today with a piece by Alan Moran, director of the Australian Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) deregulation unit.
We have written before on the IPA's status as a mining and energy industry front group. The Age, like so many credulous newspapers, should be ashamed of itself for publishing this kind of confusing and scientifically suspect material from industry backed lobbyists who are presenting themselves as climate change experts.


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