Fri, 2006-09-01 16:18Richard Littlemore
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Skico Joins Climate Change Case Against EPA

As reported here in the Aspen Times, “the Aspen Skiing Co. on Thursday joined a major U.S. Supreme Court case against the Environmental Protection Agency to recognize greenhouse gas emissions as pollutants.”

It's another reminder that a lot of corporate profits rest on climate stability. The naysayers keep prattling on about the cost of addressing global warming. And increasingly large corporate community is recognizing the high price of failing to do so.

Fri, 2006-09-01 15:56Richard Littlemore
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Preston Manning Takes a Swipe at MP's Science Illiteracy

Preston ManningThis for Canadian political policy wonks:

In an opinion piece in yesterday's Globe and Mail, the conservative elder statesman Preston Manning took a not-very subtle shot at the degree to which new Members of Parliament in Canada are prepared for their duties.

Manning says:

“There are an increasing number of public issues - from climate change to the demands of the knowledge economy, from the biotech revolution to coping with AIDS and the H5N1 virus - the understanding and resolution of which require a comprehension of basic science and an ability to critically assess scientific opinion. 

In addition to formal training, these skills can be developed by visiting reputable science websites, reading science literature, attending science lectures for general audiences, cultivating scientific acquaintances, visiting science projects and laboratories, urging one’s party to develop in-depth policy positions with respect to science, technology and innovation, and participating in that development. The time to do all this is before, not after, seeking nomination for public office.”

Fri, 2006-09-01 10:15Sarah Pullman
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French Scientist reveals new line of climate change evidence

Fri, 2006-09-01 09:51Kevin Grandia
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Karnataka Climate Change Project

This video is a great example of efforts in India to address energy shortages and at the same time reduce carbon emissions.
Thu, 2006-08-31 11:37Kevin Grandia
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The fanciful world of the "Friends of Science"

There is no doubt that science would be made easier by throwing out the concept of 'peer review.' I am sure many scientists curse from time to time the rigorous questioning of their peers, the need to re-visit completed work and the possibility that years of research may be for naught based on the scrutiny of their colleagues.

That being said, the peer-review process of science plays an extremely important role in ensuring that conclusions drawn by research are in fact sound before being touted in the scientific community. Without peer review, science could easily fall into the category of opinion.

The Friends of Science, a Calgary-based cadre of climate skeptics who we have reported extensively on, delivered a statement today in the National Post via their appointed spokesperson, Albert F. Jacobs. This letter serves as a great example of the fantasy world the FOS promotes when it comes the concepts of science and peer-review.


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