How Can I Get on Amy's Guest List?

Amy Ridenour, friend of big tobacco, big oil and the big Jack Abramoff, and proprietor of the National Centre for Public Policy Research, recently held a Deniers' Luncheon with Tim Ball as the guest of honour. Amy has even provided a photo on her blogsite in which you can see Dr. Ball showing the gap between what he says about climate change and what honest-to-goodness climatologists hold to be accurate science.

Monbiot on the Channel 4 Swindle

Here's author and UK Gaurdian columinist, George Monbiot's take on the Channel 4 “Great Global Warming Swindle” piece.

Harness prairie wetlands in climate-change battle

A study has found that the prairie wetlands of North America hold vast potential for absorbing the greenhouse-gas emissions linked to global warming.

Tim Ball, et al: Revisionist History?

Here's an interesting query that I can't resolve. A DeSmog reader, looking back on an October 4, 2006 post under my name wondered why I was nattering about Tim Ball presenting himself as a Professor of Climatology when, under the link in that particular post, he was signed as a “Retired Professor of Geography.”

The questioner is correct on the facts. The link - to an “Open Letter to the Royal Society, reported in an NHInsider blogpost dated Sept 29, 2006 - assuredly lists Ball correctly as a retired geography prof. But the letter appeared in many places at the time, most consistently with William Gray as the lead signatory. You can find copies here and here with Ball signed as a “Professor of Climatology.”

Britain to propose first-ever legally binding carbon-emission cuts

UK’s environment secretary has unveiled draft legislation to slash greenhouse-gas emissions by 60 per cent by 2050. If they miss the figure, future governments could be taken to court.


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