Let's Stop Lying to Ourselves and Fund a Solution to Global Warming

By DeSmogBlog Co-Founder John Lefebvre

It is very important for all of us to make every effort to reduce our carbon footprint, whether by driving less, going hybrid, acquiring carbon neutral energy sources like photovoltaic or buying carbon credits.

But it must be said, and it is unfortunate that it must, none of these, nor all of them together, will solve the problem or even put a significant dent in it.

Go to China. Go to India. Go throughout the third world. Look and see. Our efforts in our personal spaces are at the most symbolic.

Sorry. But it's true.

Required Reading on Alberta "Green Plan"

Andrew Nikiforuk, writing today in the Globe and Mail, offers this analysis on the Alberta government's abdication of responsibility when it comes to managing its tar sands bounty.

Thanks to Mr. Stelmach's baby-steps approach to carbon pollution, the world's largest energy project will continue to be the country's largest growing source of ice-melting and water-evaporating gases for years to come.”


HOUSTON - Exxon Mobil Corp. posted the largest annual profit by a U.S. company – $40.6 billion in 2007 – as the world's largest publicly traded oil company benefited from historic crude prices at year's end.

Exxon also set a U.S. record for the biggest quarterly profit, posting net income of $11.7 billion for the final three months of 2007, besting its own mark of $10.71 billion in the fourth quarter of 2005.

Harper Government Muzzling Environment Canada Scientists

A Canwest New Service story just hit the wire reporting that all Environment Canada scientists now must refer all media queries to Ottawa where communications officers will help them respond with “approved lines.”

According to documents obtained by Canwest, this new policy is in place to “ensure there are no “surprises” for Environment Minister John Baird and senior management when they open the newspaper or turn on the television.”

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