Thu, 2006-09-14 10:23Richard Littlemore
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Bravo Evironment Canada

Yesterday, we became aware of an uprising in the scientific community - specifically a complaint about an outrageous bit of misinformation that had been lodged on an Environment Canada Global Warming website.

I appears that the senior bureaucrat/scientist responsible for the site was just as alarmed as we were about this and immediately ripped the information off-line.

Thu, 2006-09-14 06:36Kevin Grandia
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Climate change skeptics take the one-two punch

While climate change skeptics continue to bury their collective heads in the sand (oil sand that is), researchers at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Centre are reporting what they describe as “… the strongest evidence of global warming in the Arctic so far.”

The reduction of glaciers in the summer months has been well established in the scientific literature, but this new study finds that a similar reduction is also occuring in the winter. 

Wed, 2006-09-13 23:37Kevin Grandia
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Forget hybrid, try the TRI-brid

The Prius is great, but the new Brazilian-made “Obvio” kicks hybrid up to the next level, the “tri”brid technology. Recently unveiled, the 3 passenger Obvio Tribrid uses hybrid technology, like the Prius, but can also run purely on ethanol fuel. According to Zap, the American distributor, these next generation commuter cars are the only US cars that can run 100% on ethanol.
Wed, 2006-09-13 15:20Richard Littlemore
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Canadian Pollution Regulation Likely a CO2 Abdication

This kite in the National Post  today suggests that the Conservative government of Stephen Harper plans to introduce a “made in Canada” Kyoto plan that has almost nothing to do with CO2.
According to the Post story - no doubt leaked to the Tories favourite paper so they could test public reaction - the new legislation will get tough on the air pollution elements that make Toronto smoggy, and at times dangerous.
But the Post reports that “while the government will be clear about its goals for air pollution, it is likely to be more nuanced on its plans for climate change.
Wed, 2006-09-13 12:22Richard Littlemore
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New Canadian Climate Policy to Be Built on a Lie

With stunning disregard for a decade's worth of scientific research in the area of climate change, Environment Canada has added this paragraph to their public discussion of the Greenhouse Effect:

“There is a great deal of uncertainty associated with climate predictions and, although temperature changes during this century are consistent with global warming predictions, they remain within the range of natural variability.”

Uncertainty is a reliable feature of climate science, but the statement that temperature changes during this century “remain within the range of natural variability” is decidedly and verfiably false. This represents a flagrant misrepresentation and politicization of science.

The Union of Concerned Scientists addresses the question thusly:

The Role of Natural Variability


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