Reports of ExMo's Reform Prove Premature

Anyone celebrating ExxonMobil's recent announcement that it acknowledges the truth of climate change can stick the cork back in the bottle. While Exxon's vice president for public affairs, Kenneth Cohen cast climate cange as undeniable, ExMo CEO Rex Tillerson made it clear yesterday that the company is still happily clinging to doubt.

“My understanding is there’s not a clear 100 percent conclusion drawn,” Tillerson told an industry gathering in Houston. “Nobody can conclusively 100 percent know how this is going to play out. I think that’s important.”

Blair Will Bypass Bush to Mobilize US in Climate Fight

Tony Blair is to devote himself to fighting global warming when he quits power this summer by promoting an American rethink on the Kyoto protocol.

ExMo, Playing Hide-And-Seek, Now Supports Global Carbon Trading

ExxonMobil, fearful of adverse position in new carbon trading agreement, now says it supports a global emissions trading system.

Investor Group Blacklists Ten Corporations For Climate Inaction

A group of US investors with more than $200 billion in assets have blacklisted 10 companies, including the oil giant ExxonMobil, the financial services group Wells Fargo and the utility TXU, for not doing enough to respond to global warming, in a sign of increasing shareholder activism on environmental issues. The group also includes: Dominion Resources, Allegheny Energy, Massey Energy, Consol Energy, ACE, ConocoPhillips and  Bed Bath & Beyond.

IPCC study notwithstanding, Canadian business leaders still cool on global warming

A new poll has found that executives who do believe the findings of the UN climate-change report do so mainly because they see the plausibility of problems resulting from the buildup of greenhouse gases, not because they trust the scientific evidence.


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