Canada's typical summer heats up, especially in the Arctic

The summer of 2007 was hotter than average and that’s becoming the norm. Canada’s statistical agency says the trend is “consistent with what scientists predict will happen more frequently as the world becomes warmer as a result of climate change.”

About Face in the White House?

Bush's chief science adviser admitted that global warming posed a huge threat to the planet and that there is no question that humans are to blame.

In an interview with the BBC, Professor John Marburger called the facts 'unequivocal'. Click here to see Think Progress' repost of the BBC broadcast. We'll be watching to hear how the White House responds to this.

Klaus-Martin Schulte remains silent on his climate change "research"

It's been well over a week since we sent inquiries to Mr. Klaus-Martin Schulte regarding his relationship to the oil-industry friendly DC lobbyist, Rob Ferguson and the “Science and Public Policy Institute.”

We will continue to update everyone on the response or non-response of Mr. Schulte on these important questions.

Bushies Bash Climate Satellites (beyond DSCOVR)

The U.S. National Research Council reports that cutbacks in spending on climate observation - from space and on the ground - is threatening the work of the Climate Change Research Project, which is essential to better understanding the scope and effect of climate change.

In addition to grounding the DSCOVR satellite, the Bush Administration has also cancelled the Hydros mission to answer questions about the water cycle, and has delayed the Global Precipitation Measurement mission.

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