Global warming tops terrorism and health in Canada

Anxiety about environmental change has climbed so quickly within Canadians' consciousness that it now overwhelms terrorism, crime and health care as society's greatest threat, says a poll that kicks off a major Globe and Mail examination of the issue.

Is Geo-engineering the Answer?

Avid DeSmogBlog readers will have seen a conversation breaking out in the Comment section on whether humans have the stomach and discipline for “geo-engineering ” - that is, whether we have what it takes to change the world's climate on purpose rather than merely screwing it up as an accidental side effect of burning fossil fuels.

Tory MP: We need "a lot more than Kyoto"

“I'm opposed to Kyoto because I don't see it doing much. It's not a matter of opposing action on climate change. I just think we need to do a lot more than Kyoto ever would have accomplished.”

If Conservative MP and Environment Committee Chair Bob Bills is sincere in this view, as reported today in the Globe and Mail, then we can expect the Tories to surpass Canada's Kyoto commitments promptly, as part of executing a more thorough and aggressive climate remediation campaign. Surely.

Ostriches Still Flourish South of the Border

Less than half Americans believe global warming is due to human activities, according to a recent report from the Pew Center for People and the Press.

Taking the Microphone Away From Deniers

TVO Producer Daniel Kitts makes the case in the Globe and Mail online edition for not giving climate change “skeptics” equal time.

But he misses a couple of arguments, at least.

First, if you surveyed all those legitimate scientists who accept or contest the theory of anthropogenic global warming and then quoted them proportionately, the deniers would get to comment, but only very, very rarely.

Choosing one person on one side and one on the other - as journalists so often do - makes it appear that the scientific community is evenly divided, that there is a hot debate. As Naomi Oreskes demonstrated in Science , no such debate exists in serious scientific literature.


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