Mon, 2006-09-25 07:06Richard Littlemore
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Another Murdoch Comes Over to the Light Side

James MurdochJames Murdoch, son of Rupert and chief executive of the UK media giant BSkyB, sticks his corporate neck out with  this piece, making some good points about climate change and sparking some considerably emotional response (eg., “Why is a monster like Murdoch Jr. writing in the Guardian?).

It shows, first of all, how manageable climate change could be if everyone got on board and started celebrating what Murdoch calls “small victory upon small victory.”

It also shows how loyal we purportedly civilized humans are to our “teams” - how determined we are to stake out ground with a certain number of like-minded individuals and criticize everyone else.

It happens on the right, as ideologues who don't really know much about climate change deny that it's happening - in part because their antipathy to people like David Suzuki prevents them from seeing an evident truth. And it happens on the left, when a stray good word by (or about) someone in the corporate community condemns the speaker to a vitriolic attack for hypocrisy, naivety or both.
Sat, 2006-09-23 06:50Richard Littlemore
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Bring it on, Dr. S. Fred Singer

There seems to be a chilly pattern developing, with climate change deniers suing, or threatening to sue, when someone questions their credentials (as in the case ofDr. Tim Ball) or their motivations (as in the case of Dr. S. Fred Singer).
For the record - and in specific response to the most recent demand for “redress” from Dr. Singer's lawyer (attached) - the DeSmogBlog is willing to stand accountable for anything that we have published. That includes apologizing quickly and sincerely when it can be demonstrated that we have made a mistake. Or not, when it cannot.
Fri, 2006-09-22 18:14Richard Littlemore
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Monbiot Raises the Challenge: What Are You Doing To Help?

I'd like to ponder this column by the Guardian's George Monbiot, but I have to jump in my wife's huge “mini”-van and go pick up our guests for the weekend.

That said, I'm looking forward to the “Solutions” section that Ross Gelbspan is going to add to this blog in the coming months. There is much we can do without resorting to hair shirts and self-flagelation. But, as Monbiot says, only when we stop lying to ourselves - and each other - about the nature and scope of the challenge.
Fri, 2006-09-22 15:39Kevin Grandia
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Governator gives up Hummers????

Our friends at Ecorazzi are reporting that Cali. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has decided to give up his fleet of GM-built Hummers. However, over at the San Francisco Chronicle, it is being reported as bunk. The story was first reported at and pronounced on the news site and den of climate change denial news, Drudge Report.

Sounds like their is a lot of wishful thinking this Friday afternoon. Hopefully the rumours are true, as it would only make sense given California's recent global warming lawsuit against auto-makers and their recent climate change legislation.

Come on Governor, practice what you preach!
Fri, 2006-09-22 07:26Richard Littlemore
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Tim Ball Appearance Notable for Those NOT in Attendance

I am dissapointed to be missing Tim Ball's breakfast meeting with the Victoria Conservative Party this morning, but delighted to be in good company.

 Federal Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn, whose Saanich-Gulf Island riding is one of those sponsoring Ball's appearance, told Peter O'Neil of the Vancouver Sun yesterday that he had no intention of attending the event, either.

Of Ball's climate change denial - or his periodic comments that climate change would be good for Canada - Lunn said: “Absolutely it does not reflect the views of the (Conservative) party in any way shape or form,” adding “you know, the next speaker will probably be on the other side of the issue.” Right.


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