Thu, 2006-09-21 09:55Richard Littlemore
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Ambrose Makes You Proud to be Canadian - Not!

enviro cab min AmbroseCanadian Environment Minister Rona Ambrose seems to be revelling in her role as the energy industry's inside man in the campaign to destroy the Kyoto accord on climate change.
Critics are condemning Ambrose's most recent stealth attack: she blew off a Kyoto protocol ministers meeting last week - attending by phone regardless that she is the chair - and she announced that Canada had also neglected to meet deadlines to submit new proposals for the next international agreement that would start at the end of the Kyoto agreement in 2012.
Wed, 2006-09-20 16:25Kevin Grandia
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Ball preaches to the converted

Climate Skeptic Tim BallAfter his recent media pummeling, it seems that climate change skeptic Tim Ball isn't sticking his neck out too far into the public realm. The only upcoming presentations by Ball that we can find is one to the Victoria Chapter of the Conservative Party of Canada and one at the upcoming BC Oil and Gas Conference being held the first week of October in Dawson Creek.

I am sure Ball's slap-stick humour and fringe science will go over well with the two remaining demographics that, for the most part, refuse to pull their heads out of the sand.

Wed, 2006-09-20 14:09Richard Littlemore
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On Clinton, Streisand and Murdoch: A Climate Change Alliance

It's probably impossible to say something positive about Bill Clinton without being accused of being partisan. After all, didn't he used to be a friend of Al Gore's?
But his global initiative is reaping real results and we think he deserves some recognition. As John Stewart suggests in the attached YouTube video, it's not just anybody who could get Barbra Streisand and Rupert Murdoch pulling in the same boat - and in the same direction.
(To our Republican readers; you probably want to bail out when they break for a commercial. It will spare you having to listen to Bill's pitch for Hillary's presidency.)
Wed, 2006-09-20 11:02Kevin Grandia
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Hummer to have its day in court, California sues auto giants

California State Attorney Bill Lockyer filed a global warming suit today against  auto-giants Ford, GM and Toyota, claiming that green-house gas emissions have done significant damage to the Sunshine State's resources, infrastructure and environmental health.

AG Lockyer states: “Vehicle emissions are the single most rapidly growing source of the carbon emissions contributing to global warming, yet the federal government and the automakers have refused to act.”

Maybe Gov. Schwarzenegger will finally trade in that Hummer for a Tesla electric.

Wed, 2006-09-20 09:18Richard Littlemore
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Royal Society Launches Direct Attack Against Exxon

Exxon's former CEO Lee RaymondIn this sharp rebuke to ExxonMobil, the Royal Society's senior manager of policy communications, Bob Ward, charges that the oil giant is 1) actively misrepresenting the state of climate science in its own communications and 2) aggressively subsidizing other organizations that also deny or dissemble on the truth of greenhouse-gas induced global warming.


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