Sat, 2006-06-03 12:20Sarah Pullman
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Good Morning from Pasadena

I'm here live in the morning session at The Environmental Wars Conference. It's a hot day in Pasadena, but we're inside an old, air-conditioned theatre with a sparkly ceiling that I'm not allowed to photograph.

The room is fairly full, with an interesting mix of people. A lot of older folks, retired couples by the looks of them, but also some young folks. It's hard to tell from appearances, obviously, where people's ideologies lie, but I get the impression that there's a good mix of doubters and believers here. Most name tags are from California.

Thu, 2006-06-01 18:33Sarah Pullman
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DeSmogBlog Gears Up for Skeptics Conference

As you may have heard, the DeSmogBlog is sending a team to the Skeptics Magazine climate change conference coming up this weekend. It's in Pasadena from June 2-4, 2006, and it's called The Environmental Wars. We'll be blogging and podcasting and generally keeping our readers up to speed on the action!

There's been a fair amount of discussion about what the conference will entail. Michael Shermer is the host, and if you follow the world of climate change skeptics you have likely heard that he recently “changed teams.” See his piece in Scientific American for the scoop.

There are also a couple of well-known climate change skeptics on the roster – Michael Crichton and John Stossel. So we're expecting things to be lively. Watch this space for the story as it unfolds!
Thu, 2006-06-01 17:43Richard Littlemore
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An Impartial Climate Change Campaigner

Okay, just kidding. Dr. Tim Ball is one of the post evangelical climate science deniers in the country, so committed to the notion that humans are helpless to address climate change that he has launched a personal speaking tour, though not quite on his own dime.

He was recently speaking to the Ottawa Citizen Editorial Board, where he participated in this exchange – an example, perhaps of the care and attention that he takes to his professional interests:

Wed, 2006-05-31 15:28Richard Littlemore
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Smug Corcoran Celebrates Kyoto's Demise

Financial Post Editor Terry Corcoran looks a little like a cat with big, canary- yellow feathers sticking out of every orifice now that it appears the Conservatives have successfully scuttled any international commitment in the Kyoto agreement.

His piece today is rife with the spin that we have come to expect from him on this issue:

Wed, 2006-05-31 13:40Ross Gelbspan
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Bush's Chief Climate "Spinmaster" Tells Harper How It's Done

According to Bill Berkowitz, at Media Transparency, Frank Luntz has been keeping busy these days advising Canada's own Stephen Harper. Read the full story here.

Also interesting is this piece from the Kitchener Waterloo Record. It would seem we're not being terribly creative with our approach – read on to find out how Environment Minister Ambrose is using Luntz's tactics almost to the letter these days.

Tory Kyoto strategy mirrors U.S. plan
May 15, 2006


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