US Media to Blame for Global Warming Inaction?

A new study published by a media watchdog group analyzes how the American News Media has downplayed global warming science, it's consequences and that humans are responsible for the increase in greenhouse gasses.

The report compared US and UK headlines in the same time frame and found that while the UK presented climate change as a catastrophe that deserved urgent action, the US portrayed climate change as an ongoing debate with science that lacks certainty.

2007 Marked By Nature's Temper Tantrums

The world experienced a series of record-breaking weather events in early 2007, from flooding in Asia to heat waves in Europe and snowfall in South Africa, the United Nations weather agency said.

U.S. energy bill clears House, but still faces White House opposition, Senate tussle

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed energy legislation that would extract $16 billion in annual subsidies from oil companies while supporting ‘clean’ energy sources like biofuels, wind, solar and geothermal. But the bill, opposed by President Bush, must be merged with Senate measures before it can become law.

Taking aim at carbon is ‘missing the point’ in global-warming fight

The focus on reducing carbon emissions has blinded us to the real problem - unsustainable lifestyles. A writer in BBC’s Green Room says climate change, though serious, is only one of a growing list of problems resulting from the way we live. And cutting emissions is like using methadone to cure heroine addition.

Newsweek Chronicles the Long, Relentless History of Climate Denialists

If you think those who have long challenged the mainstream scientific findings about global warming recognize that the game is over, think again.  The denial machine is running at full throttle – and continuing to shape both government policy and public opinion.


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