Mon, 2006-05-15 05:54Jim Hoggan
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In Defence of the Indefensible

As the public relations war over climate change drags on, it becomes ever more apparent that one side has very cleverly manipulated the other into a position where they must defend the indefensible.

You might imagine that in talking about the “indefensible,” I am referring to the “sceptic's” defence of inaction - the corporate and governmental plea to ignore certain science and honour the self-destructive status quo. But that's not the case. The villains, liars and ostriches who argue against taking action on climate change have, in fact, taken the upper hand, forcing everyone else to defend two things that are almost completely without merit.

Fri, 2006-05-12 15:18Sarah Pullman
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From the Mouths of Babes

Here's a piece found recently that DeSmogBlog readers might be interested in.

It's from a primarily politically focused blog, also based here in British Columbia, and it's a scathing critique of Americans for Balanced Energy Choices and their use of children in their PR, spouting off misleading facts about the coal industry. The author did some digging and
It turns out that “Americans for Balanced Energy Choices” (ABEC) who pays for these ads and runs the website in question is nothing but an astroturf front group for the coal industry trade organization Center for Energy and Economic Development (CEED).
Wed, 2006-05-03 11:23Alex Vondette

The Global Warming Denial Lobby

We're delighted to see some media attention by our friends at The Tyee to the important issue of climate change and the PR pollution around the subject.  

Check out Donald Gutstein's piece (reprinted below), “The Global Warming Denial Lobby”, where he discusses the schemes of climate change skeptics.

Thu, 2006-04-27 11:25Alex Vondette

Why trust science? It's way too controversial!

Check out this clever Doonesbury cartoon that appeared in newspapers across North America on March 5, 2006.

Why feel constrained by those pesky facts? Just apply the principles of “situational science” - respect both sides of a scientific argument, not just the one supported by facts, and voilà, your argument just got a whole lot easier!

Thu, 2006-04-27 08:50Ross Gelbspan
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Climate Scientists Shred Hurricane Skeptic Gray's Citing of Inhofe, Crichton

“I anticipate global temperature conditions will change as they have in the past. I expect to live to see the start of a global cooling pattern and the discrediting of most of the anthropogenic warming arguments. The world has more serious problems to worry about.” William Gray, US hurricane forecaster


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