America's Real Climate Policy -- $35 Billion for New Coal Plants

A Depression-era program to bring electricity to rural areas is using taxpayer money to provide billions of dollars in low-interest loans to build coal plants even as Congress seeks ways to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

The beneficiaries of the government's largesse – the nation's rural electric cooperatives – plan to spend $35 billion to build conventional coal plants over the next 10 years, enough to offset all state and federal efforts to reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions over that time.

Inconvenient Truth blocked by a Swindle-touting trustee

Update #2: the Surrey School Board issued a correction late yesterday stating that: “On Monday, the Curriculum Review Committee recommended the “An Inconvenient Truth” video as an instructional resource, as per the Surrey School District's regular curriculum approval process. When the DVDs are received by the district, they will be distributed to all secondary schools.”

Where global leadership means stalling and heel-dragging

A spokeswoman for the White House Council on Environment Quality told BBC today that, “the US continues to lead the global effort on climate change.”

Apparently “lead the global effort” somehow means culling language from a draft G8 summit document that would see member nations getting tough on greenhouse gas emissions. The BBC has obtained a document outlining plans for the US to, yet again, water down tough global action on climate change.

Fox News "Junk Science" petition update

After last week's get tough on climate change announcement by News Corp's Rupert Murdoch, DeSmogBlog created a petition to throw the global warming “junk science” off Fox News.

So far about 240 people have signed the petition. It also got the attention of Fox News regular, Steve Milloy, one of the best examples of the junk science on Fox News. To quote Milloy's site:

Hey lookit! Steve's upset the smog blog: Sign DeSmog's petition to throw the Junk Science off Fox News (desmog) Gee, good thing they say they're not interested in, like, censoring anything which doesn't fit their misanthropic dogma :)”

We're Progressive Bloggers

Just a quick note to say that we're proud to have joined the ranks of Progressive Bloggers. From the PB wiki:

Progressive Bloggers is a group of Canadian bloggers who firmly believe that this great country needs to move forward, not backwards. Be they Liberal or liberal, New Democrats or democrats, Green voters or voters who want a green country, or even Red Tories searching for a home, these bloggers believe that Canadian politics should move in a progressive direction.

If you're so inclined, you can check out the massive PB blogroll on this page. We are indeed pleased to be included, from sea to shining sea.


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