In China, Two Billion Unanticipated Consequences of Climate Extremes

People living in communities surrounding a large shallow lake have been overrun by field mice after floodwaters drove the rodents out of islands on the lake, state media reported Monday.

Pledge to fight global warming

The DeSmog Team hit the road today and asked people to sign the Live Earth pledge.

Watch it! And then go to the Live Earth site and sign it yourself.

Chemical engineering, not carbon offsetting, is key to a low-carbon future

In this week’s BBC Green Room, columnist Stefaan Simons argues that carbon offsetting may make people feel better about emissions but it does little to change behavior or save the planet from global warming. Instead of simply allowing polluters to pay for emissions – a short-term solution – society must make radical changes to move to a low carbon economy and cut reliance on fossil fuels.

The DeSmoggers of the AIDS movement

When it comes to denying overwhelming scientific evidence it seems that climate change does not hold the entire market. A recent article in Science magazine covered a new website called that seems to have a very similar mandate to that of DeSmogBlog.

AIDStruth was launched by AIDS researchers, clinicans and activists fed up with a small but very vocal group of people skeptical of the link between HIV and AIDS. Their website features a section called “Debunking the Denialist Myths” and another providing information on AIDS Denialists.”

Be skeptical of the latest 'skeptical' UK pollster headlines

A recent IpsosMori poll in the UK found that 56% of people agree that “many leading experts still question if human activity is contributing to climate change.”

The newspaper headline interpretations of this latest poll would lead the reader to believe that climate change, for all its media attention, is somehow not real in the minds of the British or that people are 'in denial.'

But scratch the surface of the headlines and nothing could be further from the truth.


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