Utility industry clings to coal despite growing opposition

Power companies are mounting new plans for coal-fired plants despite growing public and political opposition to greenhouse-gas emissions. This comes amid expectations those emissions eventually will be subject to federal restrictions, especially after the recent Democratic congressional sweep. Even some industry officials are cautiously jumping on side. Are coal's days numbered?

First Groping Baby Steps Toward a Carbon-Pricing System

Global warming can be seen as a classic “market failure” because there is no price placed on spewing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Ottawa's slow thaw on global warming

Are the Conservatives slowly thawing their heated opinions on climate change?

There are signs that Canada's Environment Minister Rona Ambrose and the Harper Conservatives may be changing their tune, albeit very slightly. According to today's Globe and Mail Ambrose stated that, “she would support spending federal money on such [Kyoto carbon] credits if they could be verified by a third party and counted toward the government's Kyoto targets.” It's something, I guess.

But this news does come on the heels of yet another blunder yesterday by the waried Minister at the helm of Canada's climate change policy…

Victoria newspaper raps skeptic knuckles

The Victoria Times Colonist has taken a swipe at skeptics in a recent editorial acknowledging climate change and the role played by greenhouse-gas emissions in global warming. In the same issue, Prince Charles says he intends to revise his travel plans in a bid to avert global warming.

Industry "think" tank cherry-picks to prove point

Here is a great example of spin, this time by the oil-money backed Media Research Centre and it's affiliated group “NewsBusters.” The goal of the intrepid team at Newsbusters is to “expose and combat liberal media bias.” Well, here's a little bias from News Busters themselves.

According to a recent UK Telegraph story, an upcoming report by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will claim that “mankind has less of an affect on global warming than previously supposed.” A leading UK climate scientist explains that this downgrade is a refinement simply “due to better data on how the climate works rather than a reduction in the risk posed by global warming.”

Far from being the whole story, the Telegraph article goes on to paint a pretty grim picture indeed, but Newsbusters would like us all think something quite different…

Check out ThinkProgress for another take on this. 


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