Mon, 2006-07-24 08:26Kevin Grandia
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Ford: enough talk, get on with solutions

Ford Europe's VP, Lewis Booth, tells stakeholders to get their act together onFord logo climate change and takes a pot-shot at his co-horts in the oil patch.

Booth says: “As an industry we continue to make improvements to our cars and our manufacturing processes´, he said. ´However, there is a considerable way to go before others, like the oil industry, accept its part in the integrated approach.” (via
Sun, 2006-07-23 12:21Ross Gelbspan
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NASA Turns Its Back on Planet Earth

Nasa has dropped from its mission statement it's charge to “understand and protect our home planet.”  The question is whether its new emphasis on  space exploration means the Bush Administraiton thinks it's already too late to “protect our home planet,” or whether it just thinks colonizing space is more important than keeping Earth habitable for the rest of us. 

Fri, 2006-07-21 17:07Richard Littlemore
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A Quantitative Media Review of the National Post’s Climate Change Coverage

Media Review looked at 810 randomly selected news articles, opinion pieces and letters to the editor relating to either “climate change” or “global warming” that appeared in the National Post between July, 2003 and July, 2006. Of those 810 articles, 168 were identified as either supporting the science behind climate change or questioning the science behind climate change.

Of the 168 articles, 66% (112) questioned the science behind man-made climate change, while 33% (56) supported the scientific conclusion that the climate is changing and human activity is at least partly to blame.

Fri, 2006-07-21 16:03Kevin Grandia
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PM Harper's fishing buddy behind Kyoto attack group

The DeSmogBlog has reported in the past the deep ties between the Barry Cooperclimate  change spin machine and Kyoto attack group, the Friends of Science, and Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party. These ties become even deeper when the chief architect of the Friends of Science is Dr. Barry Cooper, Calgary University Professor and long-time confidante of Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.
Fri, 2006-07-21 15:33Richard Littlemore
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Long-time Alberta Reformer, a Friends of Science Booster

Long-time Alberta Reformer, Morten Paulsen, who most recently acted as co-chair for the 2006 Alberta/Klein PC party, is also the registered lobbyist for the anti-Kyoto attack group, the Friends of Science (FOS). This apparently fits well with Paulsen’s other lobbying activities: he is also registered to represent ConocoPhillips Canada, the 3rd largest oil refiner and exploration company in the Canada.

Given how quick FOS members are to deny taking money from oil and gas interests, we must assume that Mr. Paulsen’s oily overlap is purely coincidental.


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