Sierra Club Drowns in Own Climate Catastrope

The Sierra Club of B.C. has committed the biggest climate change-related PR blunder of the year with a press release and (very cool) internet graphic showing Victoria, the capital city of British Columbia, drowning under sea-level rises of six to 25 metres.

The latest estimates of pending climate catastrophe suggest that a six-metre sea-level rise is possible by the time our grandchildren are facing down old age. But a 25-metre rise is likely hundreds of years away, even in a worst case scenario. Suggesting otherwise merely gives ammunition to the deniers who say (accurately in this case) that crazed environmentalists are stirring up public hysteria without any regard for scientific fact.


There was a letter in the Victoria Times Colonist today from Dr. Andrew Weaver, Professor and Canada research chairman, climate modelling and analysis, University of Victoria.

The letter backs up most of what Richard writes in his post.

There were others as well, here and here.

Globe and Mail Soils Itself Online

Here's a bewildering piece of silliness - a “web exclusive” in the Globe and Mail, that argues the world has too little CO2, not too much.

Dr. Pierre Jutras, a geologist (could that be petroleum geologist?) from St Mary's University in Halifax, says:

The last time carbon dioxide levels were so low, near the end of the Paleozoic era (about 250 million years ago), the Earth's biosphere went through its greatest extinction, as 90 per cent of Paleozoic species were gone by the beginning of the Mesozoic era (age of the dinosaurs).

National Post Deniers Feature: Picking Favourite Facts

We nearly missed the second in the National Post series on The Deniers, a cherry-picking exercise in which the libertarian Larry Solomon tries to suggest that there are credible scientists standing up against the global scientific consensus that climate change is real, is caused by human activity and is urgently in need of attention.

Solomon's latest example of an admirable denier is Dr. Richard Tol (whose photo, inset, was taken from Tol's own website). It turns out that Tol has quibbled with the way the scientific and political community measure and predict the effects of climate change, as in this, his most recent scientific article. But, oddly enough, in their campaign of climate change denial, Solomon and the National Post neglect to include Tol's own final position:

This conclusion, however, does not necessarily undermine the ethical and political economic reasons for supporting international collective action on climate change.

Bye, bye Inhofe

The climate change denial circus created by Senator James “global warming is a hoax” Inhofe, outgoing chair of the Environment and Public Works Committee has finally come to an end, but not, of course, without some final choice quotes. As reported earlier this week on DeSmog, Inhofe took one last stab at sowing doubt about the realities of global warming and chose again to make the US media the target.

HuffPo has a good take on the Inhofe circus.  

Warming Waters Portend Fishless Fridays

NASA finds big drop in tiny marine organisms at the bottom of the food chain.


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