UN blames global warming on fossil fuels; Exxon posts $40 billion US profit

In an ironic twist of timing, the world’s largest publicly owned oil company registered its largest-ever corporate profit on the eve of the landmark report by Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change saying there is little doubt global warming is caused by man. Other major oil companies have also reaped unprecedented profits from fossil-fuel consumption.

ExMo Pays Scientists $10,000 To Trash IPCC Report

Scientists and economists have been offered companies $10,000 each by a lobby group funded by ExxonMobil to undermine the IPCC's new Fourth Assessment Report. The report surfaced a day after one of the most notorious and reviled US Skeptics, Richard Lindzen, was featured on CNN's Larry King Live.

You can download a copy of the actual memo that was leaked to DeSmogBlog in late 2006.

Planetary Symptoms Progress By Degrees

The IPCC released a recent list of global impacts we can expect from each successive degree of warming.

NRSP: Lobbying Without Accountability

“If Canada delayed CO2 reduction decisions by, say, a year, while the science was more closely examined, what would be the impact on global climate?

“Essentially none.”

Tom Harris, the Natural Resources Stewardship Project

CEI argues IPCC science without any scientists

The Competitive Enterprise Institute, who not even the likes of ExxonMobil want to be associated with anymore, has issued a media advisory today offering up their in-house staff as global warming “experts” available for comment on the upcoming release by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

With the IPCC report coming from scientists, you would think the CEI would be offering up scientists as global warming “experts.

Think again.

Here's some background information on each of their so-called “experts.”


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