Tibet's Warming Provides Global Warning

While it's impossible to attach a current economic value, Tibet's most important export arguably water. Twenty per cent of the world's population depend for fresh water on one of four great rivers that originate on the Tibetan plateau.

Given that fact, the world should be concerned that, as New Scientist magazine reported this week: “The Tibetan plateau is heating up by 0.3°C each decade, more than twice the worldwide average, according to a new study from the Tibet Meteorological Bureau”

A New DeSmog Feature: "In the DeSmogosphere"

DeSmogosphere (plural desmogospheres) noun

Definition: a collection of blogs dedicated to helping reduce carbon emissions and/or report on the activities of the global warming denial industry.

Based on reader feedback, we have decided to add an up-to-date section in the bottom right corner of DeSmogBlog called “In the DeSmogosphere.” It will contain hot posts from other bloggers listed in our “Links, Bloggers and DeSmoggers.” We wil be focusing mainly on all the great work bloggers are doing in the areas of climate change reduction strategies and sustainability.

If you're a “green” blogger and would like to be added to our blogroll, drop us a line at desmogblog[at]gmail.com.

And if you think there's a blog post we just have to include in “Around the DeSmogsphere,” as always, feel free to send it along.

Fox News Still Spewing Smoke Despite Vows to Clean Up

Despite a very public announcement by News Corp. owner Rupert Murdoch, to reduce his corporation's carbon footprint and encourage companies who work with them to do the same, Fox news continues to feature opinions that challenge, ridicule and misrepresent any forward thinking around combating global warming.

The latest attack comes from host Sean Hannity who calls carbon offsets a 'sham' and a 'crock' and, suggests that purchasing offsets is akin to buying one's way out of committing adultery. On the other hand, Rupert Murdoch has endorsed carbon offsets, saying that they are a measure to be taken when emissions are unavoidable.

I wonder if there's anyway to offset Hannity's verbal pollution? Perhaps Murdoch should address reducing his appearance entirely and that might legitimize an intention that we've yet to see any evidence of on Fox. Thanks to Media Matters for the editorial.

Energy Association in Full Swing Over Rahall's Energy Bill

Rep. Nick Rahall's (D-W.VA) energy reform bill will be the center of debate on Capitol Hill this week, and energy lobbyists are swinging into action. Two of the most contentious sections of the Rahall Bill will see an extension of drilling permit approvals from 30 days to 90 and limit royalties to oil companies.

One of the main opponents to the Rahall Bill is an industry group called the “Alliance for Energy and Economic Growth” (AEEG).

Sorry Gunter, Even Fox News Doesn't Buy the "Global Cooling" Myth

Here's an opinion piece by Lorne Gunter that ran in yesterday's National Post about “global cooling.”

Even Fox News doesn't buy into this myth that is propped up as somehow refuting the current science around climate change.


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