Tue, 2006-08-08 17:38Jim Hoggan
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Philidelphia Inquirer: get on with it America!

Yesterday's editorial in the Philidelphia Inquirer couldn't have made the point any clearer:

The world cannot tackle global warming without the United States' proactive involvement. Sulking on the sidelines of this effort makes no sense.
Tue, 2006-08-08 15:46Richard Littlemore
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Emergency Memo for Tucker Carlson

Tucker CarlsonSpeaking in the royal “we,” MSNBC's Tucker Carlson proclaimed his ignorance of the cause of global warming in a clip that you can find here. If Tucker would take his fingers out of his ears and stop yelling, “Na-na-na-na-na-na,” pretty much anybody could explain it to him. We recommend the extraordinarily reputable sources here, or he could read the Media Matters for America wrap-up here.

For the rest of us, there is an entirely biased selection of Tucker Carlson quotes on SourceWatch. At least we presume it's a biased selection. He couldn't actually talk like this all the time, could he?

Regardless, if Tucker really has been wearing bowties since he was 14 (as he says in a SourceWatch quote), perhaps it's time that he loosened them off a little. He's clearly gained some weight and now they seem to be cutting off oxygen to his brain.

Tue, 2006-08-08 13:40Kevin Grandia
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National Centre for Policy Analysis: don't fight climate change, build big seawalls instead

Rawstory.com has a piece today that hightlights how desperate someNCPA's Streling Burnett people are to continue to spin the climate change story. The piece titled, “Free Market advocate says fight effects, not global warming,” quotes Sterling Burnett, a Senior Fellow with the National Centre for Policy Analysis (NCPA), as saying:

“People assume that the science is sound and leap to the conclusion they must do something, and they know what select something to do, when it’s not so clear what we should be doing,” he said.

Unfortunately for Burnett’s argument, the scientific consensus is clear on what we should be doing: burning less fossil fuel.
Tue, 2006-08-08 10:50Richard Littlemore
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Self-serving Scientists are Missing Their Chance

There was a flurry of comments a couple of weeks back which, in part, repeated the argument that climate change is a trumped-up fiction created by a world-wide web of self-serving scientists, all of them desperate for a share of the government funding currently devoted to climate research.

I don't get this argument. Last time I checked, the Republicans had a death grip on the Executive and Legislative branches of the U.S. government – and the Republican policy is to challenge climate change science on every front. (Exceptions made for Arnie Schwarzenegger, et al, at the state level.) 

Tue, 2006-08-08 10:35Kevin Grandia
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Coal industry PR pro turned environment journalist

Coal powerTim Lambert at his ever-interesting blogsite, Deltoid, is reporting that the new environmental reporter for The Australian is Matthew Warren, who as early as June 5th of this year was Director of External Affairs for the New South Wales Mineral Council - an association heavily invested in the promotion of coal-fired electricity.

On many occasions I have heard PR pros exclaim “PR would be so much easier if I only had my own newspaper!” Seems that Mr. Warren is getting just that, his own newspaper to sell the public on the benefits of “clean coal”  technology and the like. Mr. Warren will fit in well with the folks at The Australian who have been touting the climate change denial message for quite some time now.


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