All New Electricity Generating Capacity Added In April Was From Wind And Solar

Renewable energy continues to run the table in the United States. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Office of Energy Projects has released its latest “Energy Infrastructure Update,” and it shows that all of the new electricity generating capacity brought online during the month of April in the United States was from wind and solar.

That Time When Jim Inhofe Called Climate Change a Hoax

This DeSmog UK epic history post tells the story of climate denier Jim Inhofe’s infamous ‘climate hoax’ Senate speech.

The US Senator Jim Inhofe relentlessly denies that humans are driving climate change. In a rambling February speech this year he lobbed a snowball in the Senate as a means of disproving climate change and most recently dismissed President Obama's warnings that climate change is the greatest threat to future generations as “a severe disconnect from reality”.

But perhaps one of his best known antics took place in 2003. It was yet another summer of record-breaking heat waves in the United States at the time and the sceptic attack on Michael Mann had reached fever pitch.

Mann, a climate scientist, described the ordeal of being besieged as the “Serengeti strategy”, in which a pride of lions would hunt down the most vulnerable or appetising prey in a stampeding, panicked herd.

'French Champions of Pollution' Announced as Paris COP21 Sponsors

The first batch of corporate sponsors for December’s climate negotiations in Paris has officially been revealed. Among them are big-name polluters Engie (formerly GDF Suez), Air France, and the European bank BNP Paribas.

Pierre-Henri Guignard, the COP 21 organiser, announced the corporate sponsors yesterday during a press conference where he asserted that “all of these companies are friends of the climate”.

However, campaigners argue this is merely another case of “green-washing”. Oxfam France has criticised the sponsorships, stating that the climate conference “will be financed by French champions of pollution.”

BNSF President Greeted by Bomb Train Protestors in Chicago

Today at the annual North American Rail Shippers Association, Carl Ice, president of rail company Burlington Northern Sante Fe (BNSF) had his keynote address interrupted by members of Rising Tide Chicago. The activists carried banners reading, “BNSF: Profits over Safety” and “BNSF: Bomb Trains Kill.”

Is Obama Shipping Away His Commitment to Climate Change?

While President Obama has emerged as a strong leader on climate change, serious questions have been raised about his government's rush to ship coal overseas. 


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