Pity Rex Murphy. At this point, he has no place to go.

For years, Canada’s most famous climate denier —- a national broadcaster, columnist and author -— has  railed against science.

He’s positioned himself as a kind of noble dissident, one of but a few remaining voices of “reason” questioning the motives of the more than 450 lead-author scientists of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Now he’s inched further out on his already cracking and splintering limb with a column that equates climate activists such as Al Gore with crazed zealots. The occasion is the release of Canadian Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff’s new green-economy platform, which the parliamentarian calls “the most significant investment in clean energy jobs this country has ever seen.”

To support his case that this sort of patently irresponsible talk could lead the nation into hemp-nutter land, Murphy turns to an error-riddled but widely-circulated October report written by Paul Hudson, a BBC weatherman with no scientific credentials or expertise.

Hudson’s report regurgitates the same old arguments that fossil-fuel-industry front groups have been feeding us for years in an effort to sustain the illusion that the jury is still out on global warming.

Clearly, Murphy is grasping at straws. “This is, or may be, the church of global warming’s Galileo moment - when observation of what is happening trumps the gloomy choir of consensus,” he writes.

I almost feel bad for the guy.

Here we have a man who has quite literally yammered himself into a corner. As the nation and the world finally begin to grapple with the reality of our situation and the hard work and new opportunities that lie ahead, Murphy has left himself no dignified exit strategy.

And so, like a cornered raccoon, he resorts to officious spitting and hissing about climate zealots, heresies, and piety.

If it’s Not Evil, Fraser Institute should open its books

UPDATE: the Calgary screening of Not Evil Just Wrong was today and nobody showed up - seems even in the oil patch they’re not interested.

We sent this out to our Canadian media distribution list. Will be interesting to see if the journalists who cover this Not Evil Just Wrong film ask the tough questions.

Here’s the release we put out:

The Fraser Institute has announced its support of a new film called Not Evil Just Wrong, which denies the realities of human-caused climate change. The producers of the film and the Fraser Institute must come clean on their motivations.

This isn’t the first time the producers of the film Not Evil Just Wrong have pushed out a pro-industry propaganda film. Their last effort was a pro-coal mining film called Mine Your Own Business, billed as a portrayal of the dark side of environmentalism and its campaign to halt mining development in third world countries.

It was later revealed that Mine Your Own Business was sponsored by Gabriel Resources, a Canadian mining company that was attempting to set up a gold strip mine in the Romanian village that was the subject of the film.

The Fraser Institute, an industry-backed think tank based in Vancouver, BC, is promoting the debut of the film, apparently as part of an ongoing campaign to lobby against action on climate change. (The Institute had sponsored cross-Canada tours by U.K. contrarians Nigel Lawson and Christopher Monckton within the last two weeks.)

This also tracks with a longer record of climate change contrarianism on the Institute’s behalf. It has frequently promoted speakers who deny or minimize the likely effects of climate change, and it sponsored a major attack on the last report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Although not forthcoming about the source of its funding, the Institute is also known to be a frequent recipient of grants from the fossil fuel industry. For instance, they have received $120,000 from oil giant ExxonMobil for work on climate change. The Fraser Institute has often called on government to increase openness and transparency – whether of Labour Relations Boards, Hospitals, or Schools - so such transparency should also be followed by the Fraser Institute.

Blog Action Day - Big Bloggers Covering Climate Change Around the World

I’ve been making sure all my blogger friends are signed up for Blog Action Day, but I write about the chosen topic for this year (climate change) everyday. So I thought I would share with you some of the Blog Action Day posts I am seeing from sites that normally don’t cover the issue on a regular basis.

Interesting to see their takes:

The Official Google Blog: A Green Tour of the Google Campus

No. 10 Gov: Gordon Brown’s blog on climate change

The Unofficial Apple Weblog: Blog Action Day: Five apps to help save the world

Daily Blog Tips: Blog Action Day: How Bloggers Can Combat Climate Change

Linux Loop: Blog Action Day ‘09: Lighting the World with LEDs

David Miliband: Blog Action Day - Climate Change

Luxist: Eco Pet Products Roundup

Net Tuts Plus: Top 20 Ways for Web Developers to Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

Reviews of Climate Cover Up Starting to Roll In

We’ve started to see some great online reviews of Jim’s book Climate Cover Up: the crusade to deny global warming so I thought I share a few of them with you.

If you have a blog and would like to do a review, drop me a line at: [email protected] and we’ll send you a copy.

If you don’t have a blog, but want to help spread the word, please consider writing a review on Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble, or sending around the summary page we have to your friends of email or Facebook

Here’s some of the reviews so far:

The Invention of Lying about Climate Change (Joe Romm @ climateprogress.com)

“Right now, I am happy to unhesitatingly recommend Climate Cover-Up: The Crusade to Deny Global Warming by James Hoggan editor of  with Richard Littlemore, key figures behind the terrific Desmog.blog.”

Climate Cover-Up (Liz Veazey @ it’sgettinghotinhere.org)

“Although, I had some understanding of of this “climate cover-up” I liked to think of it as mostly over, too.  It was sobering and frustrating to learn more details about this ongoing campaign and its success in the minds of a majority of the public.”

The great Climate Cover-Up (Karl Burkart @ mnn.com)

Climate Cover-Up summarizes four years of investigative journalism into the inception of the campaign, how it was funded through Washington think tanks and how it used discredited “scientists” and partisan politics to marginalize the climate change issue.”

Climate Cover Up: The First Extract (Keith Farnish @ Unsuitablog)

“Chapter Four, from which this first extract is taken, largely concerns the formation and activities of The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition (TASSC), a monstrous “Astroturf” which was created on the suggestion of the public relations company APCO (the same company that fought to promote tobacco in the face of virtually all medical advice). It also discusses at length the Astroturfing activities of The American Petroleum Institute (API). This section introduces a veteran of the anti-climate change lobby, Frederick Seitz, but most importantly “Mr Junk Science”, Steven Milloy. Enjoy.”

John Mashey recommends “Climate Cover-Up: The Crusade to Deny Global Warming” (Tim Lambert @ Deltoid)

“So, if you wonder how and why so many people, especially in North America, are confused about the current state of climate science, this is an excellent introduction to the key players and tactics.”

Slamming the Climate Skeptic Scam (Nancy Tenney Naumer @ climatechangepsychology.blogspot.com)

Thanks again for those who’ve taken the time to highlight the book on their blogs!

The Incredible Shrinking U.S. Chamber of Commerce Faces Intense Pressure Over Extreme Climate Position

It turns out that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce only has 300,000 members, not the “more than 3 million” it claimed to represent just a day ago, before Mother Jones magazine questioned the business lobby’s inflated numbers.

The Chamber has now “quietly backed off” the 3 million figure, according to Mother Jones, which reports today that:

Since 1997, the “3 million” figure has appeared in print more than 200 times in newspapers and broadcast outlets of all sizes…
By contrast, the 300,000 figure, which appears nowhere on the Chamber’s website, is cited in the news database Lexis-Nexis only three times–infrequently enough to be mistaken for a typo.”

Getting called out for such “semantic tricks” is the least of the Chamber’s problems these days.

The Huffington Post reports that MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings, the holding company owned by multi-billionaire Ronald Perelman, is debating whether to leave the U.S. Chamber of Commerce over its extreme climate position and recent “Scopes Monkey Trial” challenge to the EPA over the Clean Air Act.

The Chamber has been losing members – real members out of its actual 300,000 or less total – at a rate of several each week lately.  Apple was the most recent in a string of high-profile defections including Exelon, Pacific Gas & Electric, PNM Resources, Nike, Levi Strauss & Co. and PSEG

The exodus has weakened the Chamber’s credibility on the Hill at a critical time when business leaders are descending on Washington to lobby Congress to pass strong climate and energy legislation. Pete Altman at NRDC’s Switchboard blog has compiled a running tally of editorials from around the country criticizing the Chamber’s intransigence on climate change in a post titled “The U.S. Chamber’s Continuing Climate Credibility Crisis.”


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