UPDATE: Revkin repsonds to Rush Limbaugh's Ridiculous Comments

I posted a story earlier today about shock jock radio host Rush Limbaugh suggest that NY Times reporter Andy Revkin should “kill himself.”

Revkin has now responded. Here’s an excerpt:

“I’d like to think that  Rush Limbaugh was floating a thought experiment, and not seriously proposing something, when he told millions of listeners the following: “Mr. Revkin, why don’t you just go kill yourself, and help the planet by dying.”

He had picked up on some commentary and  reports that have been bouncing around the  instanet ever since I spoke via Skype video at a symposium on media coverage of  the population part of the climate and energy challenge, put on by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

I had talked, in part, about recent studies concluding that programs offering family planning information and services to women seeking smaller families, in essence, had a  climate value by avoiding emissions of greenhouse gases that would come with more kids. Here’s a Worldwatch Institute blog post with some context. Here’s a different take from the National Catholic Reporter.”

Here’s the entire reponse from Revkin.

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Mohawk Paper Joins Chamber of Commerce Exodus

Mohawk Fine Papers became the latest company to resign from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce over climate policy disagreements, adding more embarrassment to an already rough week for the Chamber.

According to the Mohawk press release:

“We believe that our continued membership in an organization that vigorously opposes sensible climate change policies is detrimental to our position as a business leader with a strong record in the areas of environmental innovation and climate protection,” says George F. Milner, Mohawk’s Senior VP, Energy, Environmental, and Government Affairs.

“We understand that the U.S. Chamber’s job is to promote policies that represent the consensus opinion of its membership; but the Chamber also has a responsibility to shape that consensus with vision, guidance and leadership that looks beyond ideological divisions. That is particularly important in the area of climate change policies,” Milner wrote in a letter to the Chamber last week.

Rush Limbaugh Out of Control, asks NY Times Reporter Andy Revkin to "just go kill yourself."

I’ve never been a fan of Rush Limbaugh, he’s always been someone who creates controversy by stoking hate and division.

For the most part I’ve ignored him over the years beacuse he’s just too far out there.

But today I will make an exception. On his radio show today Limbaugh spews the most vitriolic rant against environmentalists. He compares them to terrorists, wackos and “jihad guys” and  then says that NY Times environment reporter Andy Revkin should kill himself.


It’s so easy for someone like Limbaugh to say such things because he knows it plays to his audience and in turn he makes a mountain of cash. He’s playing people for his own financial gain, but the unfortunate consequence is that this type of shock radio does nothing to advance the interests of the American people. It only breeds hatred.


Here’s the audio and below that is the full transcript provided by the amazing team at Media Matters for America:

Jim Hoggan and Climate Cover Cover Up on Amy Goodman's Democracy Now!

DeSmogBlog co-founder and author of Climate Cover Up, James Hoggan appeared on Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now this morning live from New York.

As Jim points out, the Yes Men and their US Chamber spoof yesterday are “… not the only group accused of pulling off a hoax in the debate over climate change legislation. In August, the American Petroleum Institute—the oil industry’s top lobbying group—was found to have asked member oil companies to help recruit employees, retirees and contractors for anti-climate bill rallies around the country.”

You can go here to watch the video of Jim’s interview today on Democracy Now.

I would be great to hear what people think.


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