Climate Crock of the Week: What's Up With Watts? [flame war edition]

NOTE: Anothy Watts has demanded that YouTube remove Sinclair’s video. This is the notice Sinclair received from YouTube: “This is to notify you that we have removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by Anthony Watts claiming that this material is infringing:”

The Watts Up With That readers are an “emotional” little gang of online trolls that have way too much time on their hands - with way too little science - trying to prove that climate change is nothing to worry about.

Peter Sinclair (who has recently become a contributor here on DeSmog) did his Climate Crock of the Week video on Watts. You can check it out below and maybe after take a swing by the YouTube version to see the massive flame war that the video has provoked.

The 30,000 Global Warming Petition is Easily-Debunked Propaganda

30,000 global warming petition project

To say that the oft-touted “30,000 Global Warming Petition” project stinks would be an understatement.

I thought it would be timely to once-again breakdown this flawed piece of global warming denier propaganda after it was mentioned last night in Daily Show host Jon Stewart's interview with US Energy Secretary of Energy, Dr. Stephen Chu.

.1% of Signers Have a Background in Climatology

The Petition Project website offers a breakdown of the areas of expertise for those who have signed the petition.

In the realm of climate science it breaks it breaks down as such:

Atmospheric Science (113)

Climatology (39)

Meteorology (341)

Astronomy (59)

Astrophysics (26)

So only .1% of the individuals on the list of 30,000 signatures have a scientific background in Climatology. To be fair we can add in those who claim to have a background in Atmospheric Science, which brings the total percentage of signatories with a background in climate change science to a whopping .5%.

The page does not break out the names of those who do claim to be experts in Climatology and Atmospheric Science, which makes even that .5% questionable [see my section on 'unverifiable mess” below].

This makes an already questionable list seem completely insignificant given the nature of scientific endeavor.

When I think I'm having chest pains I don't go to Dermatologist, I go to a Cardiologist because it would be absurd to go to skin doctor for a heart problem. It would be equally absurd to look to a scientist with a background in Medicine (of which there are 3,046 on the petition) for an expert opinion on the science of climate change. With science broken down into very narrow specialties a scientific expert in one specialty does not make that person an automatic authority in all things science.

Jon Stewart: Steven Chu a Super Hero Battling Global Warming Deniers

Last night’s guest on the Jon Stewart Show was Secretary of Energy Dr. Steven Chu.

They spent much of the discussion talking about the Global Warming Denier crowd and the right-wing nutosphere contingent in the House and Senate.

Western Governors Enraged by False Attacks on WCI

The Western Governors Association (WGA) is hopping mad over misinformation being spread by the National Taxpayers Union (NTU) about their climate efforts.

Farm Bureau President Bob Stallman Believes in Global Cooling

Bob Stallman, head of the American Farm Bureau Federation, has declared that the earth is cooling in testimony Tuesday before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.  So it must be true.

Using the Frank Luntz approved language of “sound science,” Stallman argues against any Congressional efforts to fight global warming. 

He has a good name for the cause, eh? Stallman?  It’s par for the course for the Farm Bureau to deny, delay and attempt to kill any action on climate change, despite the risk to farmers of ignoring the issue.

Despite pointing out himself that climate data “clearly indicate an identifiable warming trend” and that “carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere are increasing and that man-made emissions have increased for a number of decades,” the stall man argues that “those aren’t the only facts, and they don’t tell the whole story.”


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