Wed, 2007-10-31 09:46Kevin Grandia
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Take online action: demand answers from EPA's top administrator tommorrow

If you're human, then you've complained about the government not listening to your concerns.

And if you're human, you're most likely concerned about the effects of global warming and the massive amounts of greenhouse gas being pumped into the air by the cars, light trucks and SUV's that clog our highways.

Well, tomorrow's your chance to sound off and demand real answers, and real information from the top official at the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on an issue that effects us all.

Tue, 2007-10-30 14:39Kevin Grandia
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Gov't Commissioner says Feds Still Failing on the Environment

The Canadian federal Commissioner on the Environment says that the federal government (Liberal or Conservative) is failing miserably when it comes to the environment.

In his report, commissioner Ron Thompson says that, the “ambition and momentum” that once existed when it came to environmentally sustainable policies “have faded and that strategies are a major disappointment.”

Tue, 2007-10-30 12:54Kevin Grandia
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More astounding NASA video: Arctic Sea Ice Loss 1979 to 2007

For some of our readers, the video we posted last week of the startling loss of Arctic sea-ice as recorded by NASA this summer just wasn't enough to convince them that the planet is in serious trouble.

So here's a new NASA video showing the massive Arctic sea ice loss over the last 28 years.

Look at the difference between 2005 and 2007 alone. Startled now?

Tue, 2007-10-30 11:10Ross Gelbspan
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Mine Magnate Blinds School Children to the "Truth"

The school governor who challenged the screening of Al Gore's climate change documentary in secondary schools was funded by a Scottish quarrying magnate who established a controversial lobbying group to attack environmentalists' claims about global warming.
Tue, 2007-10-30 10:41Ross Gelbspan
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Air Force to Make the "Wild, Blue Yonder" a Little Less Wild

The world's most powerful air force is seeking to wean itself from foreign oil and nearly zero out its carbon dioxide output as part of a sweeping alternative energy drive, a senior Pentagon official said on Friday.

By early 2011, the U.S. Air Force aims to make sure its entire fleet of bombers, fighters, transports and other aircraft can use a domestically produced 50-50 blend of synthetic and petroleum-based fuel.

Update: First Jet takes flight on 100% biodiesel fuel


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