More Australian Weather Records Tumble

The Big Dry Down Under just got a whole lot drier. The first three months of 2009 in the already parched Murray Darling basin had the least amount of rainfall since Australian weather records began 117 years ago.

This massive drainage supports $9 billion in agriculture but has been hammered by what some are calling the worst drought in 1000 years. Authorities in Australia make no bones about the cause of this freaky weather.

“We’ve had big droughts before and big floods before, but what we didn’t have was climate change,” said Rob Freeman, the chief executive of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority.

The Murray Darling is home to 2 million people who may not even have enough water to survive in the future. “I’d be loath to say that critical human needs will always be secure”, warned Freeman.

The recent rainfall record was not the only smashed. Water inputs for three-year period ending March 2009 were less than half of the previous record from the great drought of 1943-1946.

The drainage is so dry that Lake Alexandrina at the mouth of the Murray River is now two feet below sea level. The parched lakebed high in natural sulfides is now exposed to air and oxidizing into sulfuric acid – devastating local ecosystems.

Washington Post Blogger: "Will Misleads Readers on Climate Science - Again"

On the lastest Climate Misinformation screed by columnist George Will, Washington Post blogger Andrew Freedman writes today on The Capital Weather Gang site that:

“Will’s climate change columns are a case study in how one can cherry pick scientific data to fit their own agenda. Take his most recent climate change column, for example, which ran in the Post last week. It contained the statement:

‘Reducing carbon emissions supposedly will reverse warming, which is allegedly occurring even though, according to statistics published by the World Meteorological Organization, there has not been a warmer year on record than 1998.’

Will appears to have borrowed this nugget from climate change skeptic web sites, which have elevated the argument that global warming has stopped or reversed to the status of an Internet ‘meme.’ However, it has been debunked time and again

About time someone at the WaPo laid the smackdown on this unresearched garbage coming from George Will.

And Here's the Appallingly Criminal Magnitude of Their Denial!

Global warming is likely to overshoot a 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 F) rise seen by many as a trigger for “dangerous” change, a Reuters poll of scientists showed on Tuesday.

Nine of 11 experts, who were among authors of the final summary by the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 2007 (IPCC), also said the evidence that mankind was to blame for climate change had grown stronger in the past two years. Six of the scientists said world average annual temperatures would set a new record by 2015 – and another four projected that it would happen by 2020 – dismissing views from skeptics that global warming has stopped.

Parsing Dennis Avery's Other Dubious Claims

Dennis Avery may have done the fact-challenged (yes, again) WaPo columnist George Will one better by actually admitting he’d “misstated” that CO2 levels at Mauna Loa were declining (when they were, in fact, quite clearly rising), but the remainder of his column was so error-filled that I thought it deserved another look.

Take the first half of the piece, in which he approvingly cites Australian – and Oxford-trained – research physicist Tom Quirk to make the jaw-dropping argument that natural climate variability, and not anthropogenic activity, is to blame for elevated atmosphere CO2 levels. A quick look at Avery’s list of citations informs us that Quirk’s article appeared in a recent issue of Energy and Environment, a “peer-reviewed” journal curated by Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen, which does not inspire great confidence in its scientific rigor.

Additions to our Global Warming Denier database

Our research team is constantly scouring the internet and mainstream media for people in the global warming denial industry touting themselves as experts on the issue. You can find the results of our research in our global warming denier database.

Here are few we’ve added recently:

Willie Soon

Willie Soon has been affiliated with several organizations that have received funding from ExxonMobil, the Scaife Family Foundations, and the Koch Family Foundations.

Steve Milloy

Steve Milloy is the publisher of the websites and, a columnist for Fox News, co-creator and manager of the Free Enterprise Action Fund, an adjunct analyst with the right-wing think tank Competitive Enterprise Institute, and the president of the business consulting firm Steven J. Milloy, Inc.

Joanne Nova

Joanne Nova is a self-proclaimed climate change skeptic who declares that science has disproved the theory of anthropogenic global warming (AGW).

Joanne Simpson

Despite what Joanne Simpson calls “incomplete information”, she says “we must act on the recommendations of Gore and the IPCC because if we do not reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and the climate models are right, the planet as we know it will in this century become unsustainable.”

Harrison Schmitt

Harrison Schmitt is a self-proclaimed climate skeptic.  According to GoogleScholar, Schmitt has not published any peer-reviewed articles on climate change.

Richard Lindzen

Richard Lindzen’s scientific stance on climate change and anthropogenic global warming is that the earth goes through natural periods of global warming and cooling.


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