“DSCOVR killed by Cheney” - NASA Insider

An unnamed source within NASA intimately familiar with the mothballed Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) mission spoke to Desmog Blog on the condition of anonymity.

The story is incredible.

The big question has always been: who would want to kill a $100 million fully completed climate satellite that has sat in a box since the 2000 presidential election - even though dozens of leading scientists have demanded it be launched?

Apparently Cheney was the hatchet man”, said the source. “Bush tried the keep his hands clean so he didn’t have direct involvement. It almost reminds me of the way Nixon used to operate…He assigned Cheney to be the hatchet man job on DSCOVR… Bush’s fingerprints weren’t on it but Cheney’s were… That’s what we heard through the grapevine.”

Nature's Offer: Choose Between Two Meltdowns

The cost of efforts to avoid dangerous global warming may be 170 percent higher than 2007 estimates, a report for the UN’s climate agency said. The report comes four days before the UN leads a fresh round of talks in Poland to agree a successor to the Kyoto Protocol in ongoing negotiations marred by squabbles over who should bear the cost of fighting climate change.

Bush's Midnight Regulations: The Worse Is Yet to Come

Reports of the president’s lame duck status – his impotence, if you will – have been vastly exaggerated. Even as he has all but given up on rescuing the faltering economy (which, given his track record, isn’t necessarily a bad thing), he and his advisers have been redoubling their efforts to squash what is left of his predecessors’ environmental legacy.

Twitter the Poznan Climate Change Conference - #poznan

Some of you already know that I have a serious addiction to the micro-blogging platform Twitter. And I am hoping that our friends and allies attending the Climate Change Conference in Poland this week and next can keep all of us not lucky enough to go informed on the happenings through a #poznan Twitter feed.

For those of you not familiar with Twitter, but would like to maybe give it a try at the Poznan Climate Change Conference.

Here’s some simple instructions:

1. Sign up for an account by going here.

2. Once you’re signed up, you can do all sorts of things like add friends (you can add me by going here and hitting “follow”), customize your page, but most importantly you can start twittering, meaning you can easily update people in very short messages about what you’re doing. Hence the label “micro-blogging.”

3. And for the Poznan conference, everytime you update all of us on the latest happenings be sure to add this: “#poznan” to your message. If you do that and everyone elses does that we end up with a nice big interconnected Poznan instant update system on Twitter that you can find by going here.

The Heartland Institute touts a long list of global warming "experts"

Feeling bored?

Here’s a fun activity for the afternoon. Have a look at this list of 129 supposed “experts” on climate change on the website of the notorious Heartland Institute.

Now go to our global warming denier research database the Greenpeace’s ExxonSecrets and see how many of the names affiliations follow all the way back to the fossil fuel industry.

It doesn’t work for everyone, but it seems about half of the names on the list are entwined in some way with the giant network of groups like the Heartland Institute that receive funding from ExxonMobil and their ilk to downplay the dangers of climate change. 

Now why would the oil industry do that?


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