The unequivocal faith of the climate change quibblers

An article on the Heritage Foundation’s blog today shows just how little it takes for some people to put their head back in the sand when it comes to dealing with global warming.

Heritage staffer Conn Carroll declares Study Shows Global Warming Will Not Hurt U.S. Economy

Carroll pretty much leaves it at that. Other than including a single self-fulfilling quote cherry-picked from the study and another from US News correspondent James Pethokoukis who comes to this strange conclusion:

So if you do buy into the theory of man-made climate change, the next logical move would surely be to do nothing that would slow growth and technologcal [sic] advancement in rich countries — such as a cap-and-trade regulatory system or onerous carbon taxes — and do more to accelerate growth in poor ones through free trade and the exporting of democratic capitalism.

Win free books every month on DeSmogBlog

The DeSmogBlog team was thinking up new ways to thank all of our loyal readers and also keep spreading the word about energy issues and global warming. So we’ve decided that we’ll run a monthly book giveaway event.

The give-away is really simple. We’ve combined our monthly newsletter subscription list with the book give-away draw, so every month we’ll pick five names from our subscriber list and send them a copy of a recently released book.

So all you do to enter is click on the “enter here” link in the right hand column where it says “DeSmogBlog Monthly Book Contest,” fill out the form (takes 15 seconds) and then kick back and wait until the end of the month when we’ll announce the winners in our newsletter.

This month we’re giving away 5 signed copies of Rainforest Action Network Executive Director Michael Brune’s new book Coming Clean: Breaking America’s Addiction to Oil and Coal.

Coming clean is an in-depth look at how America’s addiction to fossil fuels is corrupting third world countries, draining our resources and wreaking havoc on our climate. Brune outlines his vision for how we can get off fossil fuel and move to a sustainable clean energy economy.

So please join up, pass this on to your friends and cross your fingers!

Full commenting re-opened on DeSmogBlog

Regular readers may have noticed a slow down in comments on DeSmogBlog over the last while. You may have also run into some difficulties logging into your account and publishing comments.

This was all due to some big upgrades in the functionality of our comment section that had to do mainly with shutting down the spam-bots that seem to enjoy visiting our site.

We have re-opened all commenting functions and if you were running into problems posting comments you shouldn’t now. If you find you’re still having problems send me an email at: [email protected].

We have also added a commenting policy to DeSmogBlog that will hopefully encourage a more meaningful conversation and avoid some of the massive flame wars that we’ve seen in the past. If you think we’ve missed anything in our comment policy please leave suggestions in a comment below or send me an email.

Harold Ambler's Huffington Post climate misinformation-ganza

A new Huffington Post blogger named Harold Ambler has posted an unoriginal rehashing of the same old global warming denial talking points that we’ve seen over and over again for close to a decade now.

What’s newsworthy here though is the venue.

Huffington Post has long been a place where this type of junk science has been debunked, not promoted.

This little coup has the climate skeptics all giddy and bloggers like Adam Siegel at Get Energy Now rightly ticked off:

Huffington Post published Harold Ambler’s Mr Gore: Apology Accepted which is notable in its breadth and audacity of disinformation, truthiness, and simply wrong-headedness. Literally books and hundreds (actually, thousands) of scientific studies and analyses have been written that provide the substance to prove Ambler’s words false. What is shameful, on top of this, is that this is not just the ‘false’ and misleading material, but its deceit in support of recklessly dangerous policy concepts that would hinder our ability to move forward to greater prosperity and a stronger American future.”

The question for me is:  who the heck is Harold Ambler?

Are we the first blog at the South Pole?

Two days before Christmas we reported that American explorer and DeSmogBlog writer Todd Carmichael had made it to the South Pole, making him the very first American ever to reach the South Pole solo and unaided.

And to top it off, Todd set a new time speed record!

I think Todd might have accomplished another world first by being the first person in history to ever market a blog from the South Pole. I know, I know, not nearly as exciting, but still check out this photo of Todd at the South Pole with a DeSmogBlog expedition flag:

Image Hosted by

(click image to enlarge)

With a little photoshop trickery we were able to reverse the image:

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