Heartland Institute Condemned for "Major Ethical Transgression"

Here is a brief taste of some of the emails that have been flying this week to the Heartland Institute in protest over their distribution of a purported scientific paper that announces 500 Scientists with Documented Doubts about Man-Made Global Warming Scares.

Notwithstanding these requests - and many more, as well - as of 4 p.m. EST on Friday, May 2, 2008, the offending article remained on the Heartland website with the names all still attached. There is no apology, clarification or correction. It's as if Heartland President and CEO Joseph Bast just doesn't care about the accuracy of his output or the credibility of his organization ….

Bjorn Lomborg Bibliography

Bjorn Lomborg, the “Skeptical Environmentalist ” will go into high media rotation later this month with a sequel to his Copenhagen Consensus 2004 conference.

Hopefully this post will provide a resource for those curious about accuracy of his work, and the legitimacy of his conclusions.

Alberta Deputy Premier's "Mission Accomplished" Blog Missing In Action

Earlier today,we had a bunch of emails sent to us with a link to a blog set up by Alberta Deputy Premier Ron Stevens. The blog was set up to chronicle Steven's Alberta Oil Sands PR offensive in Washington, DC.

The post that had everyone so upset was one Steven's put up this morning entitled “Mission Accomplished” - a somewhat ironic and inappropriate pronouncement for the deputy minister. Ironic, in that today is the 5 year anniversary of US President George W Bush's “Mission Accomplished” speech in which he claimed that the war in Iraq was over.

Now the the Deputy Premier's entire blog has vanished… kind of.

Bjorn Lomborg's Apples and Oranges Argument

Bjorn Lomborg often points out that AIDS and malaria are devastating parts of the developing world, and that we could easily and relatively cheaply invest in effective solutions that would save millions. This is entirely true. The question we should ask is: what does this have to do with climate change?

The world has long-known about such ruinous diseases and has done shockingly little to fight these largely preventable killers. Does this mean that we should also do nothing to try and curb the emerging catastrophe of climate change?

Lets put is this way, Lomborg’s well-worn argument cooked up through the Copenhagen Consensus is as nonsensical as suggesting that if you are diagnosed with cancer, you shouldn’t bother doing anything about it because it is more cost effective to brush your teeth.

Dead Ducks a Disaster for Alberta Oil Sands

If Canadian weren't questioning the environmental impact of the Alberta Oil Spill Sands they are now that 500 ducks died by just simply landing on one of the many toxic lakes of tar sludge created by the oil sands process.

We've been following this story very carefully and updating our Oil Sands Facebook group, join up and send it around to your friends to help spread the message.

Here's a video clip of the dead ducks:


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