Details of Bush's new climate control plan leaked to the media

Has the White House finally figured it out?

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette has uncovered the details of a new “climate control” plan personally developed by US President George W. Bush that is set to be officially announced in the next few days.

Something Strange is Happening at the Coldest, Driest Place on Earth

For someone who has experienced “freaky weather” in the Antarctic up close and personal, reports this week that baby Antarctic penguins are freezing to death due to “freak rain storms,” came as no surprise.

The sad truth is there's been a lot of freaky things happening in the Antarctic lately.

It's Enough to Make One Nostalgic for the Cold War!

Russian scientists are evacuating a research station built on an Arctic ice floe because the ice has melted to a fraction of its original size, a spokesman said.

National Post Cancels Climate Change (Very Temporarily)

“… the Alberta government's assumption that humans are responsible for global warming might be on the verge of being downgraded, revised or even discredited.”

Mark Milke, National Post, July 16, 2008

Equally, we might be on the verge of discovering evidence of an intelligent underground dinosaur culture living on Mars - but I don't think so.

Climate Change: It's a Conspiracy!!!

Frank Bi of the ironically entitled International Journal of Inactivism has a wonderful and quite thorough analysis of the history of climate change conspiracy theories.

Frank has discovered - and carefully documented - accusations beginning as early as 1962 that people who care about the environment are secretly stupid, socialist, self-serving, unpatriotic, greedy, narcissistic or just plan mischievous.


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