BC Bill Provides "Privacy for Polluters"

B.C.'s information and privacy commissioner says the government's new climate-change legislation permits too much secrecy and should be changed before it becomes law.

David Loukidelis wrote to Environment Minister Barry Penner and Energy Minister Richard Neufeld last week, saying sections of two pieces of recently introduced legislation represent “a significant encroachment” on freedom of information laws.

This is a matter of significant concern, considering the importance of environmental protection measures relating to climate change and the need for openness and accountability in the monitoring and enforcement of such measures,” Loukidelis said.

Wall Street Journal Ignores the Financial Risks of Coal

From SolveClimate:

The Wall Street Journal's editorial writers again revealed their disregard of basic carbon economics in a piece last Friday that ignored new financial realities in order to stump in favor of more coal power for Kansas.”

A Reading List for the Narrowminded

Amazon has apparently sent my copy of The Deniers, Lawrence Solomon's book version of his tiresome Denier series in the National Post, a review of which will follow when it arrives.

But Amazon also followed up with a list of books they think might also interest me: a handsome reading list for anyone who is determined to remain delusional about global warming.

Climate Statement: Coming to a Politician Near You

The participants at this weekend presentation training with Al Gore signed this declaration, which will be distributed to provincial, territorial and federal elected officials and to major media across the country:

In Search of Al Gore; In Search of Inspiration

You don`t always find Olympic medalists wandering around in search of inspiration. But Sara Renner is not just any Olympic medalist.

Renner is the cross-country skier whose Olympic dream brushed the rocks in Turino in 2006 when her pole snapped halfway through a sprint event she was skiing with teammate Beckie Scott. She was rescued, just as suddenly, when Norwegian ski coach Bjoernar Haakensmoen ran over and handed Renner a new poll – and she raced off to capture a Silver Medal (displacing the Norwegian team to fourth spot).


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