Mon, 2007-03-12 15:44Kevin Grandia
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A Global Warming Swindle play-by-play

The UK Channel 4 documentary “The Great Global Warming Swindle ” has been touted by deniers and slammed by a lot of others, including one scientist who appeared in the film. Having taken a quick glance over the movie, the first thing that jumps out is that it's the same guys we write about on DSBlog all the time. There's nothing new here that we have not heard ad naseum from the same handful of global warming deniers.

Here's a few obvious points:

Putting lipstick on a Llama: Tim Ball, retired professor at the University of Winnipeg's department of geography, has magically turned into “Professor Tim Ball, University of Winnipeg, Department of Climatology.” Here's some more on Tim Ball.

$100 in iTunes to the first person to find the elusive department of climatology at the University of Winnipeg. I'll even give you the list of departments at U of W to make it easier.

Mon, 2007-03-12 11:09Bill Miller
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Aussie imam says global warming is Allah's revenge

Just when we thought greenhouse gas was the culprit, along comes this pearl from a Muslim cleric in Australia who lays the blame for climate change, drought and pollution on lack of faith in Allah.
Mon, 2007-03-12 08:12Richard Littlemore
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Tim Ball Death Threats

In another piece of history for which the prevaricating professor offers no documentation, the Telegraph reports that Tim Ball says he has received five death threats “since raising concerns about the degree to which man was affecting climate change.”

For the record, The DeSmogBlog hopes that no harm comes to Tim Ball, now or in the warm future. The longer he lives, the more evidence of anthropogenic climate change he is forced to witness, the more complete will be his humiliation.
Mon, 2007-03-12 07:56Richard Littlemore
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Friends of Science Lives!

The Calgary-based industry front group Friends of Science (FOS), moribund since a Globe and Mail story revealed last year that FOS funding came largely from the oil and gas industry, has resurfaced promoting an “annual luncheon ” at which Carleton Professor Tim Patterson will offer a lecture entitled “The Sun as the Primary Driver of Climate Change?”

If any DSBlog readers attend, please ask Dr. Patterson why all his solar forcing graphs end in 1980. (See next post for the answer.)

Mon, 2007-03-12 07:42Richard Littlemore
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Solar Co-relation to Temperature Debunked

I hadn't seen this paper before, but it sets out clearly the (self-?) deception necessary to believe that the sun produced the current round of global warming.

In fact, the “almost perfect” corelation between solar activity and temperature that the National Post reported last week was based on faulty data - and has since been dismissed in any case.


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