Bush to Nature: "Shove It!"

The Bush administration rejected its own experts' conclusion that global warming poses a threat to the public welfare, launching a comment period that will delay action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at least until the next president takes office.

Wiki-libel: Denier Solomon Tries to Shoot the Messenger

Lawrence Solomon - he of the imaginary legion of top scientists who deny climate change - has launched an attack on the credibility of Wikipedia, complaining especially that Wiki has the temerity to acknowledge climate change and to censor unfounded counter arguments.

Unfortunately, Solomon pegs his own case to the reputation of the notoriously unreliable Benny Peiser, leaving the Wiki editors looking admirably clever.

Climate Change Delusion: Woefully Official

This story is legitimately tragic, but it's far from the first case of climate change delusion. Have they never heard of Benny Peiser? Larry Solomon? Tim Ball? The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley? Bob Carter?

Of course, these guys may not be delusional. They may just be lying. But that would involve a judgment rather than a diagnosis …. Either way, a certain sort of sickness abounds.

UK Guardian Video: Canada Oilsands the 'bottom of the barrel'

“…the country famed for its wilderness and clean living finds itself caught between fuelling the world's oil-hungry economy and the ecological devastation and soaring greenhouse gas emissions that exploiting the tar sands produce.”

The UK Guardian has just posted a comprehensive report on Canada's oilsands operations called, Oil Sands: Canada's dirty secret.

There's also a great 4-minute video by Guardian environment editor John Vidal.

Encana Torching Fortunes

Canada's largest energy company is responsible for having created great wealth, but some of the pedestrians on Encana's road to “success” have been badly injured by the juggernaut.

Adrian Morrow in Calgary's online FastForwardWeekly offers a closer look at some of those victims, including DeSmogblog friend and tipster, Jessica Ernst, whose water has been so badly contaminated by Encana's natural gas operations that she can set it on fire.


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