Cool it, George! They just can't float your boat!

As President Bush calls for repealing a ban on drilling off most of the coast of the United States, a shortage of ships used for deep-water offshore drilling promises to impede any rapid turnaround in oil exploration and supply.

Kyoto in Court

For the first time in history, a national government is being sued by its citizens for failing to live up to its carbon-cutting commitments under the Kyoto Accord.

Friends of the Earth, represented by Eco Justice Canada, took to a Toronto courtroom on Wednesday to argue that the Canadian government is in breach of the “Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act ” – a Private Members bill (which Opposition parties passed in Parliament last year) demanding that the Canada fulfill its Kyoto commitments.

Illustrating just how determined this government is to ignore its obligations, government lawyers are arguing with a straight face that the court should ignore the “will of Parliament” because this is an “unusual ” law that the government did not expect the court to enforce.

Lies, damn lies, and climate change denial

It takes real dedication to “prove” that a 500-year flood event is nothing out of the ordinary, but Roger Pielke, Terence Corcoran and the National Post are nothing if not committed.

Using a statistical trick that would be dismissed in any debating club, Post Business Editor Corcoran argues that the recent round of U.S. flooding can in no way be linked to climate change. In fact, according to his graph, you might be left with the impression that flood damage is actually receding in these weather-battered times.

Solutions: New trading funds highlight expanding role of wind in global warming struggle

Two new Exchange Traded Funds, filed within days of each other with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, will focus on companies that provide products and services to the wind-energy industry, such as turbine makers and utilities with wind farms.

Wind energy reduces carbon dioxide emissions and cuts natural gas and water use. Of particular interest to investors, wind power is unaffected by price swings in natural gas, coal and uranium — all of which soared this year.

The new filings reflect the deepening role of wind in the battle against climate change.

Big Oil Gets Sued for Climate Change

The Tiny arctic village of Kivalina , Alaska could be the beginning of the end for Big Oil. Two veteran tobacco litigators have joined forces in a novel court action to sue oil companies for climate-related damage to the remote Inuit village – and for lying to the public about climate change.

The irony of Big Oil’s propaganda campaign being their undoing is rich indeed. Keep an eye on this small but important lawsuit hailing from a tiny village in Alaska. Things could get interesting.


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