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Alberta's "Green Plan" - the Industry Analysis

It's music to our ears ” - Michael Smith, the director of environment for Epcor, the Edmonton-based firm's coal-fired power plants are some of Alberta's biggest emitters.

Alberta Climate Change Plan: Triple Oil Production; Do Nothing; Blame Consumers

Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach announced a “climate change plan” today that involves tripling oil production and waiting until 2020 before even beginning to curtail CO2 emissions.

“It would be very difficult to bring in real reductions, immediate reductions, without devastating the economy and the quality of life of Albertans,” Stelmach told reporters, without explaining why it is necessary to multiply Alberta's current $73 billion US in fossil fuel exports in order to avoid “devastating the economy.”

But the most offensive part of Premier Stelmach's political spin is the attempts that he, his Energy minister and his private-sector stalking horses are making to shift responsibility for action onto consumers.

Gas Prices Up, Globe Still Warming and ExxonMobil Earnings Soar

ExxonMobil, the largest publicly traded oil company in the world, is set to announce their largest annual earnings ever. Which also means ExxonMobil will break their own record set last year as the most money ever made by a company in US history.

CNN Money is reporting that ExxonMobil will announce next week $10.37 billion in earnings for the fourth quarter - a paltry $111 million a day.

Expected annual earnings for ExxonMobil in 2007 are a whopping $39 billion - or about $106 million a day, $4.4 million an hour and $73,000 a second.

Echo Chamber: Morano's Distortions Have Staying Power

Dismissing the risks of global warming as “baseless and undisguised propaganda,” a John Birch Society blogger has pronounced that evidence for climate change is “shoddy,” and that, on the basis of Bjorn Lomborg's (thoroughly discredited) analysis, “a little warming wouldn't be such a bad thing after all.”

This is classic “Echo Chamber” PR: you start with a lie; you pass the lie around; and after you repeat it enough times, it starts to sound like the truth.


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