Wed, 2007-04-18 14:17Richard Littlemore
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DeSmogBlog Truly Sorry About Heartland Institute "Inaccuracy"

Heartland Institute President Joseph Bast, tireless defender of big tobacco and trenchant critic of climate science advocates, has demanded that the DeSmogBlog “retract an inaccurate statement” that we had included in a post challenging Heartland to a debate over the harmful effects of tobacco.

We would like to make that retraction here and now:

Wed, 2007-04-18 13:55Bill Miller
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Bush Administration subjects environment to ‘Texas chainsaw management,’ writer says

The White House has handed more than 100 top environmental posts to representatives of polluting industries, says an article in Vanity Fair, and no president has mounted a more sustained and deliberate assault on America’s environment than George W. Bush, whose administration has promoted and implemented more than 400 measures that eviscerate 30 years of environmental policy.

Wed, 2007-04-18 13:09Ross Gelbspan
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Are We In Danger of Becoming Biofools?

Ethanol, widely touted as a greenhouse-gas-cutting fuel, would have serious health effects if heavily used in cars, producing more ground-level ozone than gasoline, particularly in the Los Angeles Basin, according to a Stanford University study.

Wed, 2007-04-18 12:24Bill Miller
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Population growth cited as key driver of climate change

Controlling population growth is a crucial factor in reducing global warming, a California group says, and America had better get a grip. Americans are already the most voracious consumers and greatest producers of greenhouse gases per capita of any nation on earth, it said, and its population “has been doubling every 40 years and is headed for one billion before the end of this century.”

Wed, 2007-04-18 10:44Bill Miller
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Britain and China lock horns in UN global-warming debate

The British government, which had initiated the first-ever climate-change discussions before the UN Security Council, pushed the issue because of its potential to cause wars. China, however, said the 15-member body had no authority to deal with it.


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