Utah's "Sutherland Institute" joins the Heartland misinformation campaign

Part 1 of “Ew, I just stepped in a Heartland study!”

A headline on Utah's KCPW public radio exclaims “Conservative Think Tank Says Global Warming Needs More Study,” originates from a news release issued by a group calling themselves the “Sutherland Institute.”

Sutherland president Paul T. Mero argues that there is so much uncertainty surrounding the science of climate change that it is just too early for government to form any public policy.

Mero and his Institute are touting a “study” (pdf) released earlier this year by their “sister” think tank, the dubious Heartland Institute as evidence of their conclusion.

Colbert on Global Warming, Bush, Harper and the Smokin' Pole

Yet another case of Bush administration science suppression

From Clayton Sandell at ABC News:

“A federal court today issued a harsh rebuke of the Bush administration for its failure to issue long-delayed reports assessing the impacts and consequences of global warming in the United States.”

And so continues the seemingly endless saga of an administration bent on hiding the facts from a public who is more than capable of judging on its own what is true and what is not. Shows how much this administration respects the intellect of the American public.

Schwartz study leaves James Inhofe utterly breathless

For a group of people that caution we must be 100% certain before drawing conclusions about human-induced climate change, the denier industry sure jumps all over a single, preliminary study as absolute proof of their own conclusions.

The subject of their breathless “I-told-you-so's” is a paper to be published (pdf copy here) shortly in The Journal of Geophysical Research by a scientist named Stephen Schwartz.

Global warming and Hurricance Dean: what we can and can't say

Well-known author and blogger Chris Mooney has written a great post on what we can say about Hurricane Dean as it relates to global warming.

This post will be especially helpful for media when the inevitable discussion of hurricanes and global warming pops up in the wake of Hurricane Dean.

So what can we say? As Chris explains, “It's complicated.”


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