Fri, 2007-03-16 11:14Bill Miller
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Canadian government pulls plug on climate-change policy group

A wire dispatch suggests the move illustrates the Harper government’s intention to seize control of a politically charged issue by wresting it away from bureaucrats. The Climate Change Policy Directorate, a working group that has played a key role in shaping policy, has been eliminated by Environment Canada.

Fri, 2007-03-16 07:47Ross Gelbspan
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Well, When We're Hot, We're Less Hungry Anyway . . .

Global warming has cut about $5 billion worth of the world's most commonly grown grains over 20 years. Warming temperatures from 1981 to 2002 cut the combined production of wheat, corn, barley and other crops by 40 million tonnes per year.
Thu, 2007-03-15 14:19Ross Gelbspan
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Maybe It Didn't Feel That Way Where You Live, But . . .

This winter was the warmest on record worldwide, the U.S. government said Thursday in the latest worrisome report focusing on changing climate. And a NASA study reported Thursday in the journal Science found that an important counter-balance to warming — sunlight blocked by volcanic gases, dust, pollution and other aerosol particles — appears to have weakened.
Thu, 2007-03-15 13:43Richard Littlemore
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Credit Where it's Due - Or Not

This in the Vancouver Sun and National Post today:

Most Canadian oil and gas companies have failed to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, putting themselves and their investors at risk of the kind of eco-campaigns that targetted forest companies or the multibillion-dollar lawsuits launched against tobacco companies, says a new sustainability report.
Thu, 2007-03-15 13:05Ross Gelbspan
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Sure! And Toyota Completely Ruined Japan's Economy Too!

Leaders of General Motors, Ford, Toyota and Chrysler, along with the head of the United Auto Workers union, told a House subcommittee that proposed increases in gas mileage standards for new vehicles would be extremely expensive and could have calamitous results.


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