Alberta Oil Sands Polar Bear Protest in Vancouver

It's not everyday you encounter a polar bear on Vancouver's famous Sea Wall. Especially a really cranky one raising awareness about the environmental impacts of the Alberta Oil Sands industry.

You can check out the latest pictures we have uploaded to our Flickr account as part of DeSmog's Arctic Front initiative.

We have polar bears deployed all over Canada and since the initiative has become so popular, we now have polar bears deployed all over the world, including: Colombia, India, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Australia, Israel, and the United States (LA, Texas and DC). If you're interested in joining up, please drop us a line at: desmogblog[at]gmail[dot]com.

Arctic Front Oil Sand Operatives in Vancouver

Its' not every day you see a polar bear on Vancouver's famous Sea Wall. Especially one raising awareness about the environmental impacts of the Alberta oil sands operations.

This is part of DeSmog's Arctic Front  initiative.

Check out the our Arctic Front Flickr photo group where we are documenting polar bear sitings from New Delhi to Sydney to Vancouver that are out raising awareness about the nasty impacts the Alberta oil sands are having on our planet.

Paying For The Science They Want: Alaska State Legislators Go Denier-Shopping

Whether you're a conservationist or a climate change denier, undoubtedly you've been following the ongoing efforts to officially declare Ursus maritimus (also known as the polar bear) listed as an endangered species, under the US Endangered Species Act.

Cyclones and Climate Change - The Deadly Legacy of Oil

In the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis in Burma , the world’s attention is rightly focused on the unfolding human tragedy. This storm is already one of the deadliest cyclones of all time, with up to 100,000 people losing their lives, and another 1.5 million left destitute and homeless.

The incompetence and corruption of the Burmese military regime is exacerbating an already gruesome situation. The impact of the storm was also made worse by the fact that much of the coastline had been denuded of trees, making areas more vulnerable to the deadly storm surge.

But what about the storm itself? Sadly, it seems we can expect many more tragedies like this in the future as human induced climate change proceeds apace.

University research linked to global warming

A Canadian scientist says university research should be added to the list of human activities that contribute to global warming.

Professor Hervé Philippe of University of Montreal has found that his own research produces 44 tons of carbon dioxide a year.

The average American citizen, in contrast, produces 20 tons of carbon dioxide annually.


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