Bjorn Lomborg's Apples and Oranges Argument

Bjorn Lomborg often points out that AIDS and malaria are devastating parts of the developing world, and that we could easily and relatively cheaply invest in effective solutions that would save millions. This is entirely true. The question we should ask is: what does this have to do with climate change?

The world has long-known about such ruinous diseases and has done shockingly little to fight these largely preventable killers. Does this mean that we should also do nothing to try and curb the emerging catastrophe of climate change?

Lets put is this way, Lomborg’s well-worn argument cooked up through the Copenhagen Consensus is as nonsensical as suggesting that if you are diagnosed with cancer, you shouldn’t bother doing anything about it because it is more cost effective to brush your teeth.

Dead Ducks a Disaster for Alberta Oil Sands

If Canadian weren't questioning the environmental impact of the Alberta Oil Spill Sands they are now that 500 ducks died by just simply landing on one of the many toxic lakes of tar sludge created by the oil sands process.

We've been following this story very carefully and updating our Oil Sands Facebook group, join up and send it around to your friends to help spread the message.

Here's a video clip of the dead ducks:

Distinguished Scientist Calls Heartland 500 List “Offensive and Wrong”

“This is just another example of lack of scruples that climate skeptics have shown in pursuing short-term financial advantages, and basically condemning the next generations to suffer the consequences of climate change due to our lack of prudent and responsible planning.”

With those words, the University of Maryland’s Distinguished Professor Eugenia Kalnay dismissed the Heartland Institute’s wholly discredited list of 500 Scientists with Documented Doubts about Man-Made Global Warming Scares.

Prof. Kalnay, with dozens of her colleagues, is outraged that Heartland Senior Fellow Dennis T. Avery included their names as contributors to a climate-change denial paper without their permission and in direct contradiction to their scientific work.

Senator James Inhofe's Blog: the Greatest Hoax Perpetrated on the American People

Stop the presses! Senator James Inhofe's Environmental and Public Works (EPW) Committee press blog is breathlessly reporting (in big font, of course) that - wait for it - climate change is going to stop!

Global Warming Will 'Stop', New Peer-Reviewed Study Says
Global Warming Takes a Break for Nearly 20 Years?

Well, that's very interesting… but what's really interesting is the next paragraph, which Inhofe's blogger brigade conveniently missed…

Solutions: Electric Car to Make Euro Debut in 2009

The Norwegian makers of the Think electric car have announced their intention to go into production next year with a $25,000, 95% recyclable, fully electric car. (Nice!)

It's interesting to note that the faltering Ford Motor Company, North America's leading maker of “light” trucks, sold Think to private investors in 2004. (Clever!?)


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