Tue, 2006-11-07 09:08Richard Littlemore
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NRSP: Climate Change Denial Wrapped Up as Science

Natural Resources Stewardship Project (think: Not Really Science People) Executive Director Tom Harris is back in the only venue that seems willing to give him a soapbox, the “news” site Canada Free Press. And he's up to the same tawdry tricks as ever.

Tue, 2006-11-07 07:28Ross Gelbspan
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World Energy Outlook: Grim and Dimmer

“[T]he energy future we are facing today, based on projections of current trends, is dirty, insecure and expensive,” said Claude Mandil, executive director of the International Energy Agency.

Mon, 2006-11-06 16:49Kevin Grandia
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Are the Estonians funding the NRSP?

Canada's latest and greatest climate change denial group, the Natural Resource Stewardship Project, has come up with a laughable reason for hiding it's funding sources. According to a recent CanWest News Service article, the NRSP's executive director, Tom Harris, states that “a confidentiality agreement doesn't allow him to say whether energy companies are funding his group.”

Unfortunately for Harris and his secretive little club, such a a statement does not diffuse speculation, it only begs the question more. What organization could be funding Harris's NRSP that necessitates such secrecy? Even the Competitive Enterprise Intstitute, an industry front group with a great deal more profile than the NRSP, readliy admits they lobby-for-dollars on behalf of of industry leaders like Ford Motor Company and ExxonMobil.

Mon, 2006-11-06 13:33Kevin Grandia
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The Oily History of Propaganda

DeSmog's friends at Plenty Magazine have produced an amazing short video on the history of propaganda by the oil industry. Follows straight through to those ridiculous “C02, we call it life” commercials produced by the Ford Motor Company/ExxonMobil-backed Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Mon, 2006-11-06 08:12Richard Littlemore
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Globe Comparison Humiliates Harper GHG Plan

And you thought this was humiliatiing?Globe and Mail energy reporter Shawn McCarthy begins a three-part series today on California's greenhouse gas policies - a batch of political initiatives that are helping to re-elect Governor Arnie Schwarzenegger in a season when most Republican politicians are pushing themselves onto the endangered species list.

Aside from positioning his economy to be a world leader in alternative energy technology, Arnie proves that being right-wing doesn't have to mean being in the pocket of the energy industry - a lesson that clearly escapes the Canadian Conservatives in Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Calgary camp.


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