Bushies Bash Climate Satellites (beyond DSCOVR)

The U.S. National Research Council reports that cutbacks in spending on climate observation - from space and on the ground - is threatening the work of the Climate Change Research Project, which is essential to better understanding the scope and effect of climate change.

In addition to grounding the DSCOVR satellite, the Bush Administration has also cancelled the Hydros mission to answer questions about the water cycle, and has delayed the Global Precipitation Measurement mission.

In the DeSmogosphere Archive Sept 14, 2007

Link between beef production and global warming sparks denialist outburst

It didn’t take the denialist shock troops long to pounce on recent disclosures about the cattle industry’s role in global warming. An all-too-familiar diatribe, penned in Colorado, appeared as a guest editorial today in a Vancouver newspaper. The author, like others of his ilk, has discarded scientific research to pitch his own delusion.

WHO traces rise in malaria cases, other health threats, to global warming

The warming planet is imperiled not only by rapidly changing and often destructive weather patterns, but also increases in disease-producing viruses threatening to humans. As a result, the World Health Organization intends to frame climate change as a public-health issue.

Coal: cheap, abundent, cheap

Hilarious, and a great message. But it's a sign of the times that this other video is getting 1,000 times the viewers in the same time frame. 

Hat tip to blogger Matt Campbell.


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