Hill and Knowlton Still Can't GetItRightAlberta

Here's a surprising follow-up to the story (below) about PR giant Hill and Knowlton starting an Astroturf group to fight against increased Alberta oil royalties. The site itself, GetItRightAlberta.ca, is now carrying the Edmonton Journal story that originally revealed GetItRight's oily connections.

Either H&K's high-end internet help set up an automatic system to upload any news with GetItRight in the copy (kind of embarrassing) or H&K is beyond embarrassment (more likely). There will no doubt be an argument to follow that (nearly) full disclosure argues that the group is a legitimate “grassroots” organization.

Wrongo, guys. Full disclosure means owning up to who's paying the bills. Anything short of that and we have to continue to assume that this is a corporate play for undeserved “public” legitimacy.

Tim Ball Balks at Climate Change Bet

The tireless climate science fraud Dr. Tim Ball has run snarling from a challenge to place a small wager in support of his claims that the global average temperature will fall, rather than rise, in the next 20 years. Faced with a request that he put his money where his mouth is, Ball called the exercise “cheap, tawdry and useless,” and said, “I don't bet on anything, it has nothing to do with science.”

Of course, his climate change pronouncements have nothing to do with science, either, but that doesn't slow him down.

PR Giant Launches Alberta Astroturf Group

Hill and Knowlton, one of the five largest public relations firms in the world, has launched a new Astroturf group to fight against increased oil royalties in Canada's largest oil-producing region.

GetItRightAlberta.ca advertises itself as a coalition of “concerned Albertans, including private citizens, small oil and gas companies and members of the investment community.” But Dave Cournoyer at DaveBerta.ca, has turned up the true origin of this fake grassroots organization. (Nice one, Dave.)

Who's Lobbying Who About What in Canada?

Ever wonder who the big lobbyists in Ottawa are?

Surprisingly, the Government of Canada keeps an up-to-date and well-indexed database of current and past lobbyists to the federal government.

You can check it out here, it is searchable by name, company and subject.

Homer-Dixon: Time to Mobilize for Survival. Now!

The Arctic ice cap melted this summer at a shocking pace, disappearing at a far higher rate than predicted by even the most pessimistic experts in global warming.

But we shouldn’t be shocked, because scientists have long known that major features of earth’s interlinked climate system of air and water can change abruptly.


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