In Search of Al Gore; In Search of Inspiration

You don`t always find Olympic medalists wandering around in search of inspiration. But Sara Renner is not just any Olympic medalist.

Renner is the cross-country skier whose Olympic dream brushed the rocks in Turino in 2006 when her pole snapped halfway through a sprint event she was skiing with teammate Beckie Scott. She was rescued, just as suddenly, when Norwegian ski coach Bjoernar Haakensmoen ran over and handed Renner a new poll – and she raced off to capture a Silver Medal (displacing the Norwegian team to fourth spot).

Training Day: Al Gore offers "The Truth" - slide by slide

“We have passed the tipping point, but I don’t believe that we have passed the point of no return.”

That was Al Gore Saturday, trying to reassure the 250 volunteers who had come to Montreal to learn to spread The Inconvenient Truth.

Saturday was the serious work day at The Climate Change-Canada’s first training session, with Al Gore leading a diverse and clearly committed group of volunteers through his Academy Award-winning presentation, slide by slide.

The Inconvenient Truthteller: Al Gore captivates Montreal

Al Gore strode into Montreal Friday evening and the city embraced him as one of its own. In fact, I can’t quite imagine that he gets quite this kind of welcome anywhere else.

First of all, his visit was sponsored by La Presse, which guaranteed a pretty compelling advance. And if the front page coverage wasn’t impressive enough, the full-colour special section on climate change would have to turn your head.

An inspirational kickoff from David Suzuki

In search of Al Gore: First comes a speech from his disciple.

A room, bursting with 250 Inconvenient Truth trainees gathered in Montreal Friday afternoon for the opening of the first Canadian (and the first bilingual) Al Gore Bootcamp.

And if they weren’t already excited by the prospect – and convinced of the necessity – of learning how to engage Canadians in a climate change conversation (and plainly there were), David Suzuki would have made all the difference.

Matt Drudge Links His Way to Global Warming Fantasy Land

Right-wing webman Matt Drudge has an interesting group of links on the front page of Drudge Report today, as first reported (and thoroughly debunked) on the Wonk Room blog.

The Wonk Room writes:

Drudge has strung together a climate-denier myth, a poorly reported story about the financial crisis, and a report about how developing nations are under the threat of climate change to give support to his right-wing fantasy world. The rest of us, however, live in the real world.”


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