Chevron's New Ad: The Pot Calling the Kettle Green

Chevron's new advertising campaign represents the oil giant's latest attempt to stake out a spot in the debate over future energy supplies.

Although it touches on a topic the oil industry once hated to discuss, the ads never use the terms global warming or climate change.

Bjorn Lomborg - the 'Polyanna of Global Warming'

Here's a review out this weekend in Canada's Globe and Mail on Bjorn Lomborg's new book, Cool it.

Choice quote:

I remember wondering, after I interviewed Lomborg, whether he was intellectually dishonest or just not very bright. Cool It has convinced me that it doesn't matter. Lomborg has now proved beyond a doubt that he is incapable of contributing anything of merit to scientific discourse.”

Canada’s CEOs urge 'aggressive' action on global warming

An organization of Canadian chief executives says climate change is the “most pressing and daunting” issue the world faces today and business must do its share to fight the problem. The cost will be great, they say, and government intervention will be needed.

Furious Allies: Bush's Non-Plan is a "Total Charade"

US President George W. Bush infuriated his critics by professing world leadership on climate change at his meeting of the top 16 world economies - while offering no new substantive policy and implicitly rejecting binding emissions controls.

Video: thank you for being a friend Mr. President

President Bush assured the rest of the world today that he takes climate change seriously and vowed that the United States “will do its part” in crafting “a new international approach.”

He's only had close a decade to take the issue seriously. What's been the hold up you ask? This video we made might just be the explanation.


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