A Textbook Case of Global Warming Denial in New Jersey

New Jersey high school student Matthew LaClair is crying foul over a college-level textbook that includes ungrounded and highly misleading information about the state of climate change science.

As reported in the Wonk Room, the textbook American Government (among other things) states that

Activist scientists say that the earth is getting warmer; skeptical ones note that the earth’s atmosphere has been getting cooler.”

Bjorn Lomborg and the Anti-Climate Crowd

Bjorn Lomborg is breaking bread with another right wing think tank this week. The Manhattan Institute for Policy Research will be hosting the “skeptical environmentalist” for a speech today in the Big Apple.

Lomborg continues to tour the world delivering his message of “don’t worry – be happy” around environmental issues - particularly global warming. In May he will be hosting the Copenhagen Consensus 2008 conference where we can expect to see another contrived conclusion that climate change is too expensive to deal with.

World Bank group loans India $450 million for massive coal-power project

A press release says funding the huge Tata Power project will help to expand electricity use across five states in western and northern India. This is in keeping with the “higher energy use” sought under “the development goals of the Bank Group and our client countries.”

While the release did say the bank group will try “to balance these energy needs with concerns about climate change,” it also cautioned that “fossil fuels are likely to remain a key contributor to the world’s electricity needs.”


BC Bill Provides "Privacy for Polluters"

B.C.'s information and privacy commissioner says the government's new climate-change legislation permits too much secrecy and should be changed before it becomes law.

David Loukidelis wrote to Environment Minister Barry Penner and Energy Minister Richard Neufeld last week, saying sections of two pieces of recently introduced legislation represent “a significant encroachment” on freedom of information laws.

This is a matter of significant concern, considering the importance of environmental protection measures relating to climate change and the need for openness and accountability in the monitoring and enforcement of such measures,” Loukidelis said.

Wall Street Journal Ignores the Financial Risks of Coal

From SolveClimate:

The Wall Street Journal's editorial writers again revealed their disregard of basic carbon economics in a piece last Friday that ignored new financial realities in order to stump in favor of more coal power for Kansas.”


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