Alaskans Sue Oil, Coal Firms for "Conspiracy" to Hide Truth About Warming

Lawyers for the Alaska Native coastal village of Kivalina, which is being forced to relocate because of flooding caused by the changing Arctic climate, filed suit in federal court arguing that 5 oil companies, 14 electric utilities and the country’s largest coal company were responsible for the village’s woes.

The suit is the latest effort to hold companies like BP America, Chevron, Peabody Energy, Duke Energy and the Southern Company responsible for the impact of global warming…In an unusual move, those five companies and three other defendants — the Exxon Mobil Corporation, American Electric Power and the Conoco Phillips Company — are also accused of conspiracy.

“There has been a long campaign by power, coal and oil companies to mislead the public about the science of global warming,” the suit says

Briefing Note Update on Climate Skeptic Conference Presenters

So far we've completed briefing notes on 32 of the presenters at the upcoming climate skeptics conference being organized by the Heartland Institute.

Here's the list so far, we will be completing the list by the end of this week.

Celebrating baby steps: Why any carbon tax is a good carbon tax

An argument has broken out on the DeSmogBlog (again) over whether the perfect is the enemy of the good - that is, whether government must get its climate change policy exactly right or stand up to the (often well-deserved) scorn of its critics.

Here's the argument that action, no matter how incremental, should be praised.

Environment Canada's Muzzle Mandate Available for Viewing

Further to an earlier post, we now have a copy (attached) of the new Media Relations Protocol with which Environment Canada is muzzling its scientists.

The protocol says Environment Canada's staff members are no longer allowed to speak to the media without first calling consulting with their direct supervisor and phoning Media Relations at Environment Canada's national headquarters. This, the protocol says, will ensure that EC experts “respond with approved lines,” thereby saving Minister John Baird from surprise or embarrassment.

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