Fri, 2006-10-13 07:45Jim Hoggan
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NRSP: Not Really Science People

NRSP: no grassroots hereThe new public relations group calling itself the Natural Resources Stewardship Project is a classic example of an astroturf group - a surprisingly well-funded PR team that presents itself as a grassroots organization.

NRSP (think: Not Really Science People) sets this out as it's First Priority Project:
“Understanding Climate Change”
A proactive grassroots campaign to counter the Kyoto Protocol and other greenhouse gas reduction schemes while promoting sensible climate change policy.
Think about that for a minute. A true grassroots campaign occurs when a bunch of people who share an interest rise up spontaneously to fight for a common interest. Which of your neighbours might be inclined to rise up spontaneously to “counter the Kyoto Protocol and other greenhouse gas reduction schemes”? Conscientious objectors in the war on climate change don't join astroturf groups.
Fri, 2006-10-13 07:34Richard Littlemore
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Climate Change a Business Opportunity

Shell, which in the course of contributing to global warming posted a $9 billion profit in the third quarter of this year, has just released a report showing that climate change could, in fact, create a market opportunity for British businesses amounting to more than $60 billion over the next 10 years.
Fri, 2006-10-13 07:20Richard Littlemore
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And If You Believe This: Buy My Exercise Machine ...

What a great one-two punch you get from Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe and the right-wing blogsite Canada Free Press. CFP is always at the ready to run material from any climate change denier on the continent, but Jim Inhofe's outburst today is a classic.
Fri, 2006-10-13 07:14Richard Littlemore
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We Can Be Part of the Solution

As long as we stop insisting on being part of the problem. PricewaterhouseCoopers explains how in this National Post story.

Thu, 2006-10-12 18:07Richard Littlemore
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Discredited Friends of Science Re-emerge as the Natural Resources Stewardship Project

A breathless news release announced Thursday that Dr. Tim Ball is now the chair of a new “environmental” group called the Natural Resources Stewardship Project.

The snazzy new NRSP website announces a broad array of principles and strategies, but their goal is simple:
NRSP’s first campaign is focused on dispelling the notion that Canada needs CO2 reduction plans.
Here we have yet another “grassroots” organization, emerging spontaneously to fight the demonic international conspiracy to recognize the global threat of climate change.


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