Great Climate Cover Up Review in the Sun Today

There is a great B2 front page review of Climate Cover Up in the Vancouver Sun today by columnist Stephen Hume. You can check it out here: New book outlines the PR effort behind climate-change skeptics.

My favorite quote:

“Climate change skeptics regularly denounce me as a disgrace to journalism for declining to accept their dogma, which is mostly received wisdom from sources that I’d trust to evaluate the published science about as much as I’d trust a plumber to perform open heart surgery.

Nothing against plumbers, mind you. They’re just not heart surgeons. And the economists, statisticians and agenda-driven politicians routinely cited by the skeptics aren’t glaciologists, botanists, biologists, oceanographers, atmospheric physicists or computer modelling specialists.”



Here is a pretty good column by CBC business reporter Bill Pittis, who mentions that he is reading Climate Cover-Up:

“…Here in Canada, companies such as Bombardier, Cascade and Power Corp. have taken a stronger line against global warming. Even Shell and Suncor have come part way, although that may be just to help them control the agenda.

But part way is okay. I’m currently reading a book someone gave me called Climate Cover-up that documents the decades-long, business-financed campaign to discredit global warming with slogans like, “Some say the Earth is warming. Some also said the Earth was flat.”…”