Green Sheets: We're Not All Doom and Gloom

You know, there's more to global warming than debunking sceptics. The goal of this site is to “clear the PR pollution”, but there's always time and space to talk about solutions, too.

That's why we added a new section to the site: Ross Gelbspan's Green Sheets:

In publicizing climate solutions at every level, The Green Sheet is inspired by the belief that our greatest natural renewable resource is human ingenuity. We created the problem, and we are also the ones who can fix it.

Also check out Ross's vision for a path to climate peace . We hope that it's a way forward.


I like the comment made about your new section “Green Sheets” that we created this problem and that human ingenuity is the best resource to help us navigate properly through this changing landscape. Hopefully ingenuity will help us over come the “time factor” to resolve this issue before a “tipping point” emerges and drastic changes occur to the global environmental landscape. -