Green Teams

Last week, in response to some discussion that generated around one of my posts, I suggested that governments needed to be held more accountable in moving us forward into a more sustainable lifestyle. One of you, however, was not satisfied with my position and felt that individuals should be doing much more on a personal level to curb our consumptive lifestyle. Although I agreed, I felt that leaving the onus solely on ourselves meant that people would not be motivated to change.

This cool idea , however, could make me eat my words. CRAGS, (carbon reduction action groups) are a new phenomenon springing up across the pond. They are comprised of groups of citizens who are taking collective action to reduce their personal greenhouse gasses output. They have their own set of targets and fine each other if they exceed those targets.


Good article Emily. I wonder if they is anything like that going on in Canada?

I do believe government has a role, however, it is encouraging to see individuals taking personal responsibility.

Government does not appear to want to act seriously on AGW because they sense the public does not truly want serious action. The more individuals and groups modify their own lifestyle, the greater the probability the rest of society, and government, will get on board.

I've done a search and can't find anything. If they exist in Canada, I'm not finding them but a great resource on renewable energy is the BC Sustainable Energy Association and I bet you they'd be one of the first organizations to receive information on any group if it pops up.