Harper Approaches UN with "next to no credibility"

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who only stumbled upon the reality of climate change in the last year, is scheduled to address the United Nations today to boast about Canada's climate change plans.

Per the partial quote above, he goes with a disadvantage. According to Johanne Whitmore, a climate change policy analyst with the Pembina Institute, “We (Canadians) have next to no credibility on the international negotiation level.”

I actually think that Whitmore is overstating the case. Canada has less than no credibility on this issue. Our performance has consistently ranked between laughable and embarrassing. We endorsed Kyoto even as we were doing less than the recalcitrant United States to meet its targets. And since the election of Harper's Conservative administration, the Canadian government has joined the U.S./Australian effort to undermine Kyoto even while alleging a legitimate concern about the issue. You could call our three countries and Axis of Weasels.

Canadian political leaders have at least one aspect of this situation figured out: Harper's Environment Minister John Baird said on the weekend that, “At the end of the day, people will judge us not by our talk but by our action.”

Too true. You just have to hope that he and Harper start ACTING like that is a serious concern.


My goodness she’s on a roll! I just called my Green candidate (Ontario election) for a lawn sign.

Now this is interesting. Granted, it’s early days as far as G&W polls go (fewer than 5,000 votes so far), but it doesn’t look as though Mr Harper has really caught the mood of Canadians:

G&W Question: In terms of global warming, what approach do you favour?

(a) Strict adherence to the Kyoto Protocol 47%, 2247 votes
(b) The ‘more flexible’ approach suggested by Prime Minister Harper 26%, 1259 votes
(c) A compromise between those two positions(ie, more than what Harper is proposing)17%, 787 votes
(d) No action is needed because global warming is not happening 10%, 471 votes

This is a straw poll, so it could get hijacked at any moment. 

I’ve seen some recent polling showing well over 50% of Canadians wanting the Canadian government to go above and beyond Kyoto. 

This morning 71% (16,441 votes) are for strict adherence to Kyoto. I know it’s not very scientific, but you’d think Mr Harper would take the hint his plan is only getting 10%!!!

Alright, so I jumped the gun a bit. It’s still 30% want strict adherence and another 30% want more than what Harper is offering.